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EmeraldPro Painting Color Consultation

EmeraldPro Painting Color Consultation
Nothing is more exciting and transformative than planning your next room design. Whether you're updating a few furniture pieces or doing a complete overhaul, a new look can breathe new life into your home. Painting is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to simply refresh a room or get that new look you're after. With so many choices when it comes to color, it can be challenging to find out what color is right for you, your room's functionality, and your home. Fortunately, receiving a color consultation can help ease your worries. With a professional color consultant, you can get the help you need to decide what color you want, how to balance colors from room to room, and what color will add to your overall design.
Why Room Color Matters
We have all heard stories, or have experienced them on our own, of finally choosing a paint color after weeks of deliberations only to hate the finished product when walking in the room. This can be a discouraging and frustrating experience (and a waste of money!) for most homeowners but choosing the wrong room color can actually affect much more than that. 
Paint color has been linked to numerous psychological effects, with specific colors creating a calming and serene effect or an exciting and mood-lifting experience. Certain shades of blue have even been shown to make you more productive! Depending on your room's function, whether it is a bedroom or office space, paint color can make all the difference when making your next room makeover a success.
Some paint colors can also raise the value of your home and boost curb appeal. A Zillow analysis of more than 32,000 photos of sold residential properties had found that specific colors can raise or damage your home's selling value For example, soft gray-blue kitchens fetched an average increase in a home's value of up to $1,800! Paint color can not only make your room more functional and appealing for you, but for potential buyers down the road.
How Color Consultation Works
When it comes to choosing your paint color, there are incredible benefits to getting the job done right. Thankfully, there are professionals who are experienced in helping you do just that. Color consultants are interior design experts who understand the most recent and value-boosting trends, room functionality, and how to make your design shine. Specializing in combining color psychology, design theory, and the current housing market, color consultants will help you choose an engaging and attractive color palette that best suits your home.
Redesigning the interior of your home is a significant investment and an exciting journey for any homeowner. To make sure your next room makeover goes according to plan, hiring a color consultant can make all the difference and help make your vision a reality. Whether you're turning your bedroom into a paradise oasis or your dining room into an elegant hosting area, the professionals at EmeraldPro Painting can help you make the right color decisions that best suit your home and your plans. Let's bring color to life.