The Master in The Crystal Kingdom

Dear Light Creatures, dear people on earth,
Fantastic times are coming!
You are like big trees. Basically always the same but now the last yellow autumn leaves fall to the ground and new healthy, green buds press to develop on your branches.
Your old self is soon to end and your new powerful I am pushing to get out. You are amazing beings of light who will now finally find joy and peace being a human on earth.
As long as you have fought. As long as you have been waiting for your old self to finish its experiences so that you can show the world who you really are when you develop to your full potential.
The time is here now. The time when your new buds will be able to adorn your tree in full force. The world has been waiting for you and now it is finally going to happen.
Like the buds on a tree on an extra hot spring day, you will burst out very quickly. Then you will stop and catch your breath when the weather temporarily cools down and then get new strength to unfold your leaves when spring is here for real. You will develop your new foliage at the right pace for yourself. To have time to acclimatize, to have time to integrate your new self into your existing self on earth.
Life on earth will finally feel natural. You will naturally be in the right place at the right time to use your new gifts, your new self, on earth.
Love yourselves for allowing yourself to make this journey. Praise yourselves for the courage you have had during these very trying times. Enjoy the knowledge that you have been able to live in these low energies and that you have so purposefully fought to get back here, to the light of yourselves.
Allow yourselves to be who you truly are and you will meet a very bright and loving time.
We love you !
Channelled by: Carina