PEOPLE OF EARTH – From the Galactic Federation of Worlds – Part 1

The Earth is in the process of being liberated from all tyranny, draconian law is in the process of being replaced by Universal Law. We have cleaned up the vast majority of other dimensional unseen negative forces governing the Earth now it is up to the white hats and the ground crew. It is time to understand the hierarchy of tyranny that has been in control of Earth for over 400,000 years. The first colonies in your recorded history and archeology were the ancient Lyrians from Lyra. Many refer to them as the Annunaki, those who came from heaven to Earth. The Lyrians were up to 24 feet tall and they were split into various houses or ruling factions. There was the Supreme Ruler Anu and on Earth there was the house of Enki and Enlil. Enki was the Creator god, a master geneticist that loved his creations. Enlil was a defeated general who took up residence on Earth and desired an end to the experiment called Earth humanity. He found them a noisy nuisance and was always devising ways of removing them. This is the foundation of what is unfolding today. There was a lot of genetic tinkering with humans that were developing naturally. Their sons also split into different factions governing different sectors of Earth. The son who had the most negative impact on Earth was Marduk. Marduk made a pact with the Grey Alliance and Reptilians for total supremacy of the Earth and turned on his own people. This was followed by brutal wars and the enslavement of his own people. Earth has been controlled by these forces and those who seek freedom have warred against this alliance for over 400,000 years. Over time they have been known by many names, the Phoenicians, Kazarians, Cabal all stemming from the original Lyrians who fell from Universal Law. Their controlling faction in America is known as the deep state that has infiltrated all the agencies and institutions yet the same network is global. Many call themselves Sons of Marduk
These are the forces behind the genocidal dictators and tyrants throughout history, they are the international bankers, the war and disease profiteers who financed every war since Napoleon. We are moving through the last chapters of these tyrannical forces, the fall of the tyrants. The pole shifts and other cataclysms forced Earthโ€™s humanity to start over greatly diminishing civilizations ruled by tyranny until the second major colony was established by the peaceful Lyrians who fled to the Pleiades, Orion, and Haydees system followed by Earth, Mars and Maldek or Milona as other cultures called it. Maldek is the missing planet which is now your asteroid belt due to an extreme misuse of technology. Atlantis and Lemuria or MU were established by the Pleiadians, a very peaceful advanced race that were not as tall as their Lyrian ancestors due to adjustments over the years to the planets they colonized. Other Star Nations joined these colonies, the Earth has a diversity of genetics from the stars. Unfortunately, there were still remnants of the tyrants to this day which have risen to positions of power now again threatening the entire civilization. These tyrants are still under the control and guidance of the grey and reptilian alliance. They are now known as the global elite, cabal, most of which are Satanic/Luciferian. They control your monetary system, your political system, major religions, mainstream and social media, the music and film industries. They are also involved in drug and child trafficking, child sacrifice, and the adrenochrome supplies derived from tortured and murdered children. In their dark rituals children are sacrificed to their deities. Satan/Lucifer, Moloch and Baphomet. Those aligned with them have sold their souls for power, fame or wealth and are now void of love, joy, empathy, are morally bankrupt and have lost all the positive attributes of humanity. In other words, there is so much inhumanity on Earth because of NON-HUMAN interference. The tyrannical elite are at war with the Creator within all Creation. This is not a conspiracy, this is history.
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