Galactic Federation of Light – Chaos leads to Light

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that humans have now finally risen further in vibration and consciousness due to the strong energies that are increasing on the Earth every day.
Many are those who feel sadness, depression over what has been on Earth for thousands of years and which is now coming to an end to be brought to light.
The light has won and with it an end to the old programming which, although it will take time to totally change to higher and brighter programming, but which is irreversible since the beginning of time. There are many creatures fleeing the planet and some are being relocated to be rehabilitated on other planets. Some leave to the other side of the veil.
The Earth’s ascension to the fifth dimension has begun and people will notice that the number of people on Earth has decreased. It is exactly as it should be and the development is taking place as it was said and calculated. It still feels like a dark time for many and even it is meant to experience and see in this life what has happened and to some extent still happens to people all over the world. These are difficult and often incomprehensible abuses, deceptions, among other things, which everyone has experienced in their incarnations on Earth. These difficult truths about what many people and other beings have caused the people must be revealed and observed in order to be forgiven and removed forever from Earth for a new reality.
There is a lot left for people to become aware of, what will be very difficult, but still be aware of a fantastic change for the better. The earth and humans have been exposed for so long in this experiment and therefore this purification and reconstruction must take its time for healing and healing that also includes humans. Everything belongs together and all beings on Earth must have this time for healing, understanding that this is something that has been necessary for human development into loving and compassionate beings.
Be prepared for a time of chaos because not everyone understands why this is happening on Earth, but only sees it as an apocalyptic time of doom for the people of the Earth. That is why it is so important to be an observer instead of a participant in everything that will happen and only see it as the end of a time of experimentation for the people and which is beginning to be a time of awakening for more and more people.
Many light workers have been the ones who have had this development at an ever faster pace because this ascension would have taken place a long time ago. These lightworkers should be praised for this hard and difficult work on Earth and in the Universe for the sake of humans and which has only taken place in the power of light and love.
It is with excitement and joy that we see how this development is progressing rapidly, what power and love everyone shows for each other, despite much betrayal and selfishness. We esteem and respect humanity, which has evolved into a much higher consciousness than many other beings in the Universe. You have our love and admiration.
Galactic Light Federation
Channelled by: Inger Norén