Solar Being – We Are All Involved in the Ascension Process

Dear souls of this blue planet! I AM a space brother!
It doesn’t matter my name. I am an energy of the Central Sun. As many know, a solar brother. I requested to be here today so that I can pass on some important information to the inhabitants of this planet. We have been programming your planet’s evolution for a long time. We knew exactly when and how the ascension of this planet would take place.
Everything was always very well planned by Father/Mother God. Right now you are going through the beginning of the great process. The ascension of a planet doesn’t happen in days, months, or a few years. Everything has to be started for the process to evolve naturally. But we are always arranging for everything to happen on schedule, and that is how it is happening on your planet.
The ascension process has not started just a few years ago. The beginning, the fundamental point has already been given for some time, and today you are living the result of the reactions that have been happening throughout this time. Imagine the figure of a triangle; I can say that you are almost at the apex of this triangle, where the big reactions will happen when the peak moment arrives.
The ascension of a race, of a planet, does not happen without the preparation of those who live there. Everybody can. Everyone has this right; this right, given by the Divine Spark existing in the heart of each one. There is no rush, there is planning. The great climax will be the moment of awakening for all of humanity. Don’t understand that the next side of the triangle that will be a descent, will be bad or will be suffering. I would just say that the reactions start to stabilize and when they reach the base of the triangle again, the final ascension will take place.
So realize that you still have a long way to go. There is no rush. Nothing is done without a lot of love involved, and it is exactly this love that makes everything happen, within your vision, slowly. Just believe that tomorrow will be different from today. As you are still moving up that line, tomorrow will be more intense than today, and each day this intensity will increase so that the big reaction will take place; the great culmination of humanity’s awakening.
You know, you are aware of all the beings that are around coordinating, conducting this whole process. But I inform you that all the Councils, all the Groups, all the great wise minds of the universe are gathered together at this time leading this process. It’s not an easy or simple process, it takes a lot of energy, and all these beings are doing their part in bringing the energy to the exact spot that is this planet.
You are the great focus of the universe today, and rest assured that we are radiant with the results we are getting. Fear nothing, because what coordinates, what drives this whole process, is a single feeling: the love of Father/Mother God. If many of you still don’t understand the suffering, the pain, why all this happened, you will soon understand. Just don’t only see yourself as an incarnated soul in this lifetime; look back, and you will see a very long journey of your soul.
Exactly as I said the process started a long time ago and now the reactions are taking place, you also started living on this planet a long time ago, and now you are reaping the reactions. This entire process is necessary. It’s suffered, it’s hurt, but it’s necessary for the evolution of your souls.
The word evolution means to grow, it means to improve, it means to see everything from another angle, it means to live at a stage far superior to what I was previously living. So realize that this is not an easy process. It can not be. If not, it couldn’t be called evolution; it would just be living. Each day we are sending out more Light from where we are here in the Central Sun, and all of the beings I have mentioned, each day put more intensity into the Light and energy that is sent to this planet.
The apex approaches. Be ready. Nothing will change for now, but after the great awakening, then yes, when all the masks fall, when everyone truly sees themselves, the stage of your evolution will begin; where everyone will have the chance to evolve. It will be up to each one’s decision to go ahead or stay where he is, and depending on the decision of each one, the path of that soul is defined by itself.
So if you think your world is intense, be ready for the boiling that will take place in your world. But a necessary ebullition so that the toxic fumes are expelled from the surface of the planet and only the great souls remain, the souls of love, the cohesive souls, the souls that shine, feel and live the Spark of Father/Mother God.
Don’t feel alone. I would say that at arm’s length you have a Being of Light around you. Even if you don’t know who you are, ask for help and you will have it right away. For this, it is enough that you trust and believe in everything that we have said so far.
Channelled by: Anjos e Luz Terapias