Maria – Don’t Judge Anyone’s Choices

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM MARIA!
It is with great joy that I perceive so many enlightened hearts. It is with great joy that I see my sons and daughters prepared, ready, for this ascension journey. I wish I could see the glow of your hearts, now, in all your brothers on Earth. But each soul has its path, it has its choice. I just don’t abandon them, I wrap each one of them in my mantle of love, so that they continue the path of the Third Dimension, but with a seed in their hearts, so that when they arrive from new homes this seed sprouts and they can be sure of my love for each of them.
It is not a spectacle that makes us happy, to see souls choosing non-evolution. It hurts our hearts, not physical pain, but it causes sadness as we wish all souls could experience the splendor of unconditional love. Each one of you who allow yourself to live this moment, who allow yourself to believe, trust, live intensely, each step of this journey, it’s like an extra star shining in the sky of the universe.
You have no idea how many beings are emanating energy and love for this planet. You are billions; the number is not smaller than this, on the contrary, we could say that every inhabitant of this planet has almost 5 Beings of Light emanating love, emanating peace, emanating all possible feelings so that each soul can evolve. Nobody is alone in the universe. We are a big family, and when someone asks for help, many run to help, and especially in these moments so many changes are necessary; so many changes, more beings present themselves, because many have already gone through what you are going through. And they know exactly the journey you’ve taken, and they can understand what you’re going through.
So my sons and daughters, however much the internal revolution, the external revolution, is at work in each of you, don’t lose strength, don’t lose faith, don’t lose the belief that you will be victorious; that all these pains, all the anguishes, the sufferings will end. And most importantly, there would not be an end only for each one of you, there would be an end for all of humanity, who made the choice to evolve.
But never, at any time, judge those who chose to continue suffering. It’s like you want a baby a few days old to walk. He’s not ready for that. So he needs to grow up to be able to walk. Likewise these souls who choose to continue in the Third Dimension are souls who are not ready to live in the Fifth Dimension. It would be taking a step that could not be taken. They would fall into emptiness; they couldn’t.
The wisdom of Father/Mother God takes each soul in its own time to its own evolution. Nothing happens ahead of time. It’s also very important that you who are choosing to evolve, don’t feel arrogant or superior, just be grateful for your soul’s journey, because that journey has brought you to this point. The vast majority of you are star seeds who have already lived in other orbs and come to this planet. The vast majority of souls that will not evolve are young souls who only lived here on this planet. So their journey is like a baby who doesn’t know how to walk yet, needs help to learn to walk.
I would say, you star seeds have a commitment to your soul to evolve, because the time has come, for you to go back to being what you once were. So for you it’s easy compared to those other souls. Unfortunately, there are also star seeds that have chosen another path; you chose to resonate with those who created all this turmoil on your planet. But these will also have the right, further ahead, to evolve. There is no judgment. There is no condemnation.
Staying in the Third Dimension is not our condemnation, it is each one’s choice, the soul has chosen it. So I say to each one of you: Don’t give up, however hard the walk may be, let you slip and come back again and again; it is part of the learning process, of evolution. Lessons need to be learned. The more lessons to be learned the more you slip. But don’t lose faith, don’t lose strength and keep walking, keep walking on the ascension road.
Every day a little better. If today wasn’t so good, tomorrow it will be. Don’t let yourself down. Believe you can and never forget, we have the help you need; to help you understand, to help you understand each lesson to be learned. So that you learn it correctly and that lesson doesn’t come back; you’re ready for the next one.
Unfortunately I need to tell you that the list is still long, for the vast majority, but they are easy lessons to be learned, just that you resonate love, just that you don’t judge, just that you don’t criticize a brother. Live your life. Don’t worry about the other person’s life. Only the little ones need guidance and care. The elders, the adults, need only love, a friendly lap, no longer for you to lead them.
You can guide them, give your opinions, but the decision is no longer yours; the decision is theirs. Each one has a path, which each one of you doesn’t know what it is. Even children, you do not know the journey of each soul. So don’t try to avoid suffering; it’s part of their evolution, to suffer and go through the lessons. If you avoid this, the lessons will come back stronger and stronger, and there will come a time when it will come so intense that you will not be able to do anything, and you will regret having prevented him from suffering, for the suffering will be at its height at this time.
Respect each other. Take care of those who need to be taken care of, but don’t manipulate anyone’s life. Everyone has their own choice. Respect those choices. Unconditional love is the sum of love and respect. So learn to live this love.
I leave you with my mantle over each one over each of you right now. And I remove everything that is possible to be taken out of the way of each one of you.
Channelled by: Anjos e Luz Terapias