AA Michael ~ The Point of Serenity and Inner Peace

Dearest Lightworkers, in this time of Ascension and Dimensional Shift, when the planet is undergoing such major transformations, it is necessary that you hold your Inner Peace and Serenity.

How may this be done?

We will answer by saying – Live in the NOW, in the Present moment. Let your attention be fully in the Creative Power of this Moment! When you gather your creative power into the present and focus on the NOW, you have tremendous creative potential and you feel the deep peace and contentment of the Source energy.

The Source or Creator energy lives in the NOW and is experienced in the Infinite Present. The concepts of “past” and “future” are not known in Source energy, which is based on what we would call Holographic Time or spirals of evolutionary unfoldment. “Past” and “future” are illusionary man-made concepts designed to facilitate life in the Third Dimensional linear reality. In the Higher Dimensions they are purely illusionary and have no meaning. Higher Dimensional beings create continuously from the “fabric” of the Cosmos – Love and Intention. The point of Creative Energy or Focus is always NOW, the place of Intention or Attention, if you like.

In fact, dearest Lightworkers, in your new reality you will find that such concepts as “past’ and “future” will drain your power. How is that, you may ask? Well, when your energy is diffused down a “time-line” it is not focussed. It is fragmented and weakened, and you lose your point of Creative Power and Inner Peace. And, dearest Lightworkers, so many of you do this because it is a habit that you have carried with you from the Third Dimension into your new reality, and it is a habit that drains your power and creates fragmentation and turmoil.

Many of you, as you work with Ascension “symptoms”, seek to “clear” the past. You work with your Inner Child and you replay angers and emotions and fears. As you do this, you diffuse your energy into the past and relive scenarios of disempowerment. We say to you, beloved souls, this is a new day and a new place. Release the idea of the past. It has no substance. Only the now. Release the “illusions” of your parents and your family and your Inner Child and how they affected you, and claim the power that is yours now! Claim your right as a Being of Light to perfection, and cease spending your time seeking to heal illusions. If you accept your innate power and perfection you will find that angers and fears and turmoil will melt away, and you will center in your own Angelic Light and Power. It is so simple and so powerful.

The same may be said of the future. Many of you have deep anxieties about what will happen, and so you feel comforted by “time-lines” that are offered to tell you what will happen and when. These too are illusions, for the Divine Plan unfolds in the Now, in the present, as the point of Power. The moment you start giving away power and energy to the “future” you lose the point of Power and Serenity in the NOW moment.

We understand, dearest ones, how hard it is for you to break out of the habits of control and security that worked for you in the Third Dimension and accept the new way of Divine Creative Flow. All that is “real” in the Creative Energy and Love in this moment of Power.

The past does not exist, nor the future. They are ideas, not realities. They are both illusions. You can energize illusions and they may appear real, but they are hollow and empty and have no “core” of love. And, ultimately they diffuse your power and hold back your growth and evolution.

The point of Power and Serenity is NOW. Use that power to move through the illusions of past and future. The New Earth is NOW. Dearest Lightworkers, you too are a part of the Awakening and you too have your illusions that need to be released at this time. Very gently. With Love and Gratitude for help given in the Past.

But now is the time to claim your Angelic Power and Light, in the point of Serenity and Inner Peace, the Infinite NOW or Present Moment. These are some ways you can align with that NOW moment and gain Inner Peace and Serenity:

  • Spend time alone in quiet contemplation.This is especially good for busy people. It will allow you to align with yourself in that moment and be present with yourself. You need to “switch off ” your mind and just allow yourself to be at peace with yourself. If you do this on a regular basis, you will find that you are aligning with your Higher Aspect and finding that sense of the NOW and its Inner Peace.
  • Spend time in Nature. The world of Nature does not move on Linear Time. It follows the peaceful spirals of the Greater Whole or Hologram. Time spent in Nature is certain to detach you from timelines and focus you into the Present Moment.
  • Activities such as Yoga and Tai Chi are also a good way of focussing the body and the mind in the space of the Present Moment.

A message fromย Archangel Michaelย channeled byย Celia Fenn