Archangel Michael ~ New Opportunities

So, indeed this is a very potent evening here tonight. A potent time on your planet. A potent time for each of you. Before you incarnated, we spoke of these times as being a profound opportunity to give birth to a new consciousness, a new relationship to the energy of a human being. You were well aware of the challenges on our side of the veil and now that you are in the thick of it, you sometimes wonder why you ever choose to volunteer for such a experience.

This work to change your identity is challenging. Extremely challenging. All of you have played with this relationship in other lifetimes, you found it impossible to give your devotion to this energy and still participate in your day-to-day world. Many of you here are some of the more renowned nuns and shamans, priests and priestesses. Your new sanctuary or monastery is now very mobile, it travels with you wherever you go and acts as a beacon for your own consciousness. Of course we are speaking for your sacred temple – the body.

Each of you have discovered that your human nature is connected to the collective consciousness of all of humanity and is very much addicted, very much entrenched in the conditions and parameters that you inherited. You conformed to these conditioned beliefs simply to be accepted, to fit in as best you could to this collective consciousness. Now you are finding that these very conditions are interfering with your ability to embody your soul and Christ consciousness.

We have watched all of you in this last year play with this new relationship. Finding that not everyone resonates to what you are doing. Not everyone fully understands or even appreciates what it is that you are willing to embody. Not just intellectually embrace some new concepts. But to fully embody the living presence of the Christ. Tasting a profound state of joy, ecstasy and bliss. Very few humans have truly experienced such a connection with life.

The changes that you are feeling in your body, on this planet, these changes that you are experiencing in your personal life, you are at the very crest of a very powerful cycle affecting all of life on Earth. We would say that the crest of this energy that is making itself available to all of you is offering an opportunity to surrender to the energy of a stallion, this new passion that is supported by the sacred feminine, the divine mother. This year, this is the year of being in receivership. (Cat meows in background, and Michael responds, yes, you must learn to ride the horse too – you will have to throw out the pride. The cat meows in response, and Michael says: Indeed. Much laughter here.)

And so it is that all of you are feeling in your own lives all the places that you resist this change, and we know for many of you this has grown to be rather irritating and humorous, indeed. It allows you to have an experience with this energy called victimhood. The energy of victimhood is a waning identity that no longer serves you, and yet you feel you are also saying goodbye to an old trusted friend. Here we find many of you hesitating, for you have grown so accustomed to playing the victim and yet your soul nature grows restless. The passion stirs and you begin to remember the value of self empowerment.

This cycle of energy is asking each of you, inviting each of you, will you take the reins of this stallion and ride this new passion in your life? Or will you choose to procrastinate and find reasons for why it feels uncomfortable to be on top of this passion. Owning your own creative abilities. This cycle of energy that is here to serve you serves your intention to stop following and start leading. For as we approach the grand marker of time, 2012, humanity will need new leaders and teachers that can guide those that are questioning a life that is out of balance.

Is there time in your life to receive the presence of your soul nature that your heart has yearned to feel? Are you willing to devote some quality time to practice being in receivership of the presence of your own heritage – the Heart of Creation? Choosing this presence can be the foundation that supports your emerging identity. One that becomes as real as you are willing to “feel” it.

You see it is not as hard as you thought it would be. Is it truly all about enjoying life? Coming together as friends, neighbors, community and serving, giving voice to this emerging presence. Is there joy in serving joy? Put it to the test. Let your self fully engage in such a service, not from the old way of needing to compromise your own sense of joy. How would you experiment with complimenting, enhancing the presence of the Heart of Creation?

The most courageous of you have asked; if my new identity is not based on the roles that I am playing now then who would I be? If I let the presence of this living love infiltrate into my parenting, friendships and workplace, would I taste this joy? And we say to all of you -indeed! But if the role you are playing won’t allow this presence to be a part of your life, don’t beat yourself up. Just stop playing the role for awhile and see what happens.

This ride is not for everyone. Only a few are willing to be so completely free. They choose to maintain a conscious connection with Source energy so as to facilitate that presence, this living love that is supporting all of life and calling it You. Then the separation is no more. Unity consciousness becomes your new identity.

It is absolutely insane that when you love yourself this deeply, the eyes of spirit begin to blaze with this presence and humanity asks if you have a drug problem? We will remind you that the presence of love that reflects source energy has not been witnessed by many human beings. There have been very few models and the few that allowed this presence in their life, your institutions tampered with their truth. We indeed understand your hesitation and your dilemma. And yet the yearning in your heart persists. It wants to feel and see its own reflection through your eyes. It is not your problem if humanity has a problem with the presence of source energy making itself known through you -as YOU!

You will not fit in with the rest of humanity. Jesus could not do it. Buddha tried. Mohammed tried. All of them tried, and decided it is insane. They declared, I am here to serve a lineage of a consciousness, and I must devote myself to that or I will go insane. It is no different for any of you, you judge yourself for not being of the same consciousness as these other masters. You indeed come from the same lineage and have at your disposal the same virtues of any master that has ever walked this earth.

So, here we are at the apex of one of the most powerful energies to ever enter your Earth, and we see your bodies saying how do I integrate this, and it cannot if you keep playing ping pong with your sense of devotion.

There is much conflict within you that all gets resolved if you just devote yourself to being in the presence of this living love who will support and resolve your inner turmoil. It seems too simple to be true. But again, don’t take our word for it, put it to the test. How many ways are you willing to experience this presence and maintain that connection. We have seen for many of you that when you do reconnect, a sense of clarity comes to your mind. As if to say, beloved soul, as your mind I no longer want to be responsible for trying to figure out how to be spiritual. I have been working overtime with my divine, finite perception. I have been pursuing and trying to achieve spiritual accomplishments for a long time. Our body is clearly stating that we have accomplished feeling exhausted. Your minds, beloved are waiting for its counterpart, this living love, its divine lover the Heart of Creation.

The presence of God/Goddess itself is that powerful without any effort on your part, to allow her to now be the foundation for your new identity. We invited you six months ago to practice 3 times a day for 30 minutes being in her presence so that you could feel how it is that you resist being loved by life because you have been taught as a human being that love equals pain. You were lied to, so go hit a pillow. You are beginning to sense that the only truth that truly supports who you are becoming resides within this presence of energy. Some of you are experiencing a profound state of contentment and bliss that encourages you to trust more and more in the validity of this presence supporting your life. You will begin to trust in your creative abilities as they respond to this energy, empowering you to now create a life that is very fulfilling. A life that is truly rewarding leaves a large smile on your face. With so many unhappy people, you will consider diminishing this relationship for you don’t want to appear that you are rubbing self fulfillment in peoples faces. And yet, this is not your problem and we have been insisting that a very creative solution to that perceived conflict is to become a spiritual teacher. For within that role, is not joy an expected reflection?

Your new dilemma will be your relationship with your conditioned human nature. How does the unlimited nature of your soul dance with so many fears and limitations? We invite you to take a moment to breath here. Take a moment to honor the personality that has upheld this energy of victimhood. It has done its very best to support that intention to play victimized. Take a moment to say to this personality, this ego, I, soul, am truly here now. Thank you Beloved friend for serving my life, and now let me serve you. Let me serve you. Feel the presence of this love that you have practiced allowing to flow into your life. You are not to blame. No one is to blame. I , soul choose now to have a healthy relationship. A conscious relationship with you. I invite you, ego, to be my inner lover such is my devotion now to the new role that you will play in my life. A role that does not ask of you any longer to take responsibility for my humaness. I devote myself to reestablishing a trust that I will not abandon you ego. I will demonstrate my devotion to being fully present in this body by consciously sharing this presence of living love with you – ego. Such is my respect for the job you assumed but were not qualified to do.

This new relationship will take some time. All of you unsuccessfully have attempted to intellectually love the ego, to intellectually love those aspects of yourself that embarrass you. You discovered it did not work. But something else does work. You developed a emotional relationship with your personality and it developed trust.

In this new relationship, self fulfillment is not ego gratification. A fulfilled human being allows the living presence of love to support itself and freely shares the overflow of that love with all of life. Including your conditioned human nature. This doesn’t mean that you must pamper your ego, the presence of this love is very dynamic and its relationship with your conditioned past might at times be best described as being “tough love”. We deeply honor each of you. Your personal freedom doesn’t depend on you achieving anything. It asks of you, will you allow the living presence of love to infiltrate into your life, every cell of your body?

All of our blessings!