Archangel Michael ~ These are the times of accountability

Beloved masters, indeed, it is a time of accountability, a time when nothing can stay hidden, a time when all are seeking to return to balance and harmony. A time when the energies of cause and effect are returning to each of you very quickly, as you face the consequences of your thoughts, deeds and actions. But we ask you to be the observer, beloveds, and radiate love to those who seem the least deserving, the victimizers, as well as the victims. Radiate love to their inner Essence, not condoning their actions, but seeing the highest outcome for all, this will avoid adding more negative energy to any situation. Move to a level whereby you are observing all that transpires from the objective viewpoint of a master, knowing that out of every adversity there is the potential for a greater good to emerge. Become aware that everything that is being destroyed or torn down, is making way for something more appropriate, refined, and en-LIGHTEN-ed to take its place.

Many beautiful souls have agreed to play out the dramas in which all Earth residents are involved, at one level or another. They agreed at a soul level to bring to the attention of all humanity, the imbalances and inequities that need to be corrected and addressed. There is no need to name these negative traits again, you all know what they are. Many are so quick to pass judgment and express their self-righteous indignation. We tell you that none of you is blameless. You all have played the same game or role to some degree, or been involved in a similar scenario at one time or another, whether you remember it or not. So you see, you are only judging yourselves

During the coming years many prophecies, both positive and negative, will come forth and it is important how you perceive and accept what is being said. Yes, each and every thought, expression and action has an energetic signature and adds to or detracts from the overall radiance of the Earth. The Earth is being monitored carefully as well, beloveds, to see when your planet will be ready to move forward to the next level of illumination. As you all are aware, there has been much devastation and cleansing on the Earth over the past decades and, yes, it will continue as a necessary part of the overall plan for the greatest good of all. We know it is difficult for you to not focus on the negativity and destruction occurring in the world, but we ask you to also be aware that all of those who have experienced these cataclysmic events agreed at a soul level to make the supreme sacrifice so that you and the Earth can move forward. Those who have made their transition from the Earth via the cataclysms are watching with great joy from the higher realms, knowing that they have made an important contribution to the whole and that their evolutionary journey will be made easier because of the role they agreed to play.

Your test is to be the loving, compassionate observer, helping those you can, knowing that there is a grand plan being played out on Earth, while projecting your contribution of radiant energy out from your heart center into and around the Earth and to the whole of humanity. The Earth is not being destroyed, nor are you being punished, but the emotional and mental bodies of the Earth must be brought into balance and harmony so she can move into her proper place within the solar system and galaxy. All of you, and that means each and everyone on Earth, agreed at a soul level to the roles you have been asked to play in the drama now unfolding. Most are fulfilling their promises unconsciously, many have abdicated and fallen by the wayside, but many more of you are endeavoring to fulfill your contracts in its highest form with full awareness of what it entails. We know who you are and we commend you, our radiant Warriors of Light.

It is crucial that you understand how essential you are and that time is of the essence. Know that this is the most important lifetime you will ever experience on planet Earth and that your active participation is vital to the successful outcome of the plan. That is why we ask you to change your perception as to why you are here, what life on Earth is about and what is truly important. We ask you turn your focus to the temple of your heart and begin to build your paradise within, filling it with love, beauty and harmony, and then projecting that perfection outward so that it begins to unfold around you. Your refined, energetic signature will gradually radiate out into the world, affecting and changing everything it touches. See each moment as precious and perfect, as a gift from our Father/Mother God allotted to you, its caretakers, to use as you so desire. Know that if you will integrate these concepts into your reality and if you will see yourselves as a radiating force capable of magnetizing all the wonders of Creation to you, that you can transform your world and create the world of peace, abundance and harmony you desire within six months of your time.

You are much more powerful than you realize, especially when you join together in a unified effort to create the highest good for all. You are a creation of the God Mind and you are encoded and designed with a deep-seated desire to create. During these most important times of evolution and transformation, each of you has been drawn (or will be drawn) to the place in which you can be of the most service. Either by serving those around you, sharing your unique talents and gifts, or because you have specific energies encoded within your Divine Blueprint that are critical to the evolution of that area, or you may have Light packets or frequencies within your brain structure that will help to activate the crystalline energies that have lain dormant within the Earth for many thousands of years. These great structures are waiting for you and for those who are in harmony with you, so that, once again, they may project their radiant Light out into the solar system and also receive the refined frequencies now being beamed down upon the Earth. These frequencies will also circle the globe as the golden web of Light is reestablished, which is a critical factor in the reunification process. Much has been accomplished, but there is still much to be done and each of you is a key player.

As you join together and allow yourselves to be the transformers for this energy, you will draw it through your physical vessels so that it can pick up your unique frequency patterns before the combined frequencies are transmitted deep within the Earth’s crystalline core. Know that within your physical vessels and with your loving intent, you hold the keys which will help to bring these magnificent Light structures to life once more. And in this way, you will render great service to humanity and the Earth, for this important process will help to ease the stress and strain of releasing the constraints and imperfections as you move through the fourth dimension toward the freedom and harmony of the fifth dimension.

Many of you are healing the ancient wounds and memories of Atlantis and Lemuria, while many others are activating the wondrous memories and energies of some of the great Light centers of the past. Then you will all use these energies to help create the perfection of the future. You are being called to take brave and bold action as you go forward on your assigned missions. Remember, beloveds, you agreed.

The drama and great transformation that are taking place on Earth have never been experienced before in all creation. You will be seen as Divine architects who have braved the unknown in the farthest outpost in your universe, assuming cloaks of flesh and submerging yourselves in the quagmire of third-dimensional illusion. Now it is time to shrug off the shackles that bind you. Now is the time for you to reclaim your Divine Birthright and your heritage. Oh, beloveds, if only you knew how you are cherished and how we honor you. If only you could remember yourselves as you were and are in the higher dimensions, you would not be anxious or sad, you would know that you have all the power, wisdom and the tools to recreate paradise on Earth, and when the task is finished, how easily you will return to your home among the stars. We wish to give you assurance that we are waiting to welcome you with open arms and that there will be a grand celebration.

As all the deep-core, negative patterns emerge from deep within your memory and DNA to be cleared and dissolved once and for all, we sense your frustration, your confusion and your fears of being punished, or of having done something wrong. Let me assure you, precious ones, this is happening because you are doing something RIGHT, not wrong. We will not minimize your pain or your discomfort; however, we will give you encouragement and direction. A purification process is underway on Earth and within every sentient Being. As you allow the cleansing energies of Light to infiltrate throughout your body, you will release and refine everything of a lesser vibration. Can you accept the fleeting discomfort as an opportunity to release that which does not serve your highest good? Then please use all the means at hand to relieve the symptoms or condition, knowing that at its completion you will be ready to accept even greater infusions of Light.

We have tried to assist you in understanding the Universal Laws of Creation and the seven Rays of Beingness, or the virtues and attributes of the Creator for your solar system. The prisms of the Seven Cosmic Rays are growing stronger as they are projected via magnified Solar Light into your bodies in order to empower you and bring you into wholeness. You are coming of age as you take on your spiritual responsibility and gain the wisdom of a master, but there is still much to be done and discernment is more important than ever. You are moving out of the harmonics of seven into the galactic harmonics of 12. This is why it is so important that you bring your physical chakra system into balance as you access the ever-increasing strength and power of the higher Rays’ vibrations. Anchor your feet firmly on Earth, beloveds, as you reach for the stars, for if you do not, your physical vessel will not be able to withstand the magnified influx of cosmic energy, and you will not be able to serve yourself or anyone else. You depend on the Earth to support and sustain you, now it is time for you to assist your mother planet, for you are inexorably joined together as you and the Earth spiral into the next level of illumination.

As with every great change, the pendulum of popular belief or mass consciousness swings widely before it settles down to a sensible norm. There are many teachings and claims being circulated, many to empower and assist you, and many to frighten you and take away your power. Also, there are many products being touted to speed up your enlightenment and “do the work for you.” There are many legitimate tools and products which will help you on your path, but remember, beloveds, you must do the inner work—you must tread the path to en-LIGHTEN-ment—no one else can do that for you.

You are in the midst of an ongoing dream that is fast-forwarding at an accelerated speed. If you allow the fixations of the past and those antiquated energies to emerge, to be transmuted or dissolved, if you do not try to hang on to the old patterns, thought forms or structures, you will not feel so distressed, so out of control. You must admit that this is not a time of boredom or stagnation, indeed, it is a what you have yearned for since that time long ago when you merged your magnificent Spirit Self into the limiting confines of a physical structure.

Awaken each day in joyful anticipation, with great expectancy, allow the day to unfold in its perfectness, gifting you with new delights, releasing you from shackles of the past. As we have stressed, over and over, stay in the event of the NOW or in the Still Point of perfection, and in doing so, you are focusing on what is occurring in the moment. Each moment, each thought, each event is of vast importance, for the treasures of new wisdom, new insights, new powers of reasoning, new gifts are pouring forth at an astonishing rate and you must be open to receive them. With each new impulse of a higher vibration, a portion of your existing reality begins to dissolve as the pattern repeats time and time again, as all that is not in balance and harmony gradually melts away. Reach inward and upward beloveds, as always, we are here to guide, protect and inspire you, and to radiate the loving energy of our Father/Mother God through our hearts to you.

I AM Archangel Michael.