Message from Archangel Michael

Notice the messages he is sending you by the means of sounds, music, words, from exterior sources, as well as from your inner being. These messages are actually the answers to your prayers. The angels have been trying to answer to your prayers, but they ask you to pay attention and to be present, because their message couldn’t reach you. Pay attention to maybe hearing the same song over and over again, pay attention to the lyrics or maybe you hear a conversation that is actually answering your question, or maybe a stranger is talking to you exactly about the facts concerning you, or maybe there are thoughts or words that simply pop in your head. Trust these messages because they come from the angels. Ask Archangel Michael to clean you from any negative or low vibration energies that you might have at the level of your ears. And tell yourself you are ready to liberate anything that you have heard and might have caused you pain, in exchange for the clarity to hear the loving voice of the angels.

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