Message from Archangel Gabriel

“I help you communicate what you feel. Now you seem to have something important to communicate verbally or in writing.
Also, do not forget that it is important to be honest with yourself, to talk to yourself and to acknowledge your feelings, experiences, your truth.
The angels have sent you messages in the form of revelations, and all you have to do is trust what they have transmitted to you. Be attentive to everything you receive through the intuition, signs, synchronicity.
Today you are invited to be creative in everything you do, to find creative solutions, to creatively express yourself, to let your inner child go out and play. So if you have something to communicate to others, you have all the support, if you want to be honest with you, do it today, if you want to develop your creativity and intuition start now, if you want to let your inner child express, do it today. I am with you! “

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