AA Michael ~ Creating Sacred Spaces: Grounding the New Earth

Dearest Lightworkers, in this turbulent and difficult time of transition, you will become ever more aware of how many people are struggling with the intensity and immediacy of Fifth Dimensional reality. As you have seen, so many try to live as though they were still in the Third Dimension, clinging to ideas and concepts that worked in the last century, but that no longer serve them. And this creates confusion and anger and fear.

In the Fifth and Sixth Dimensional reality into which you are moving to, life is dynamic, swift-moving and intense. The best way to hold and maintain your balance in this flux is to create Sacred Spaces where you can hold the energy of Higher Consciousness. For as you hold Higher Consciousness, you draw to you the space of the New Earth. And as you hold the intention of New Earth and Higher Consciousnesss, you become that bridge that allows others to make the shift into the new Fifth Dimensional Reality.

Creating a Sacred Space

A Sacred Space may be defined as any place where the energy is dedicated to Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Purpose.

In the New Earth, the entire planet will be a Sacred Space. Imagine that, dear ones, an entire planet dedicated to Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Purpose!

It will come, but for now, each of you can create a piece of that New Earth where you are. And as you create this space, and link with others also creating a similar energy, you begin to weave together a wonderful grid of Higher Consciousness and Love that will eventually become the New Earth. For did we not say that you would create it. It will not “appear” from Heaven, as it were, but no, you will manifest it as you begin to understand the Power of creating Sacred Spaces.

What is a Sacred Space

Most of you have understood a Sacred Space to be a temple or a church, or a place dedicated to spiritual rituals. But, dearest ones, that was in the past. In the present energy of the Fifth Dimension, your home must be your Sacred Space.

Yes, no matter where you live, this can become a space dedicated to Higher Consciousness and Love and Spiritual Purpose. Indeed it is up to you to decide when you will create this reality. As a Creator and a Being of Light and Love, do you not think dearest souls, that you deserve no less than to live in a Sacred Space?

Creating your Sacred Space

In order to transform your home space to a Sacred Space, you would first need to set the intention to clear out lower vibrational energies and then to dedicate your living space to the energy of Higher Consciousness. This means that you will create a calm, ordered and peaceful environment. Your Higher Aspect will help you in this process.

The first step will probably involve clearing. Clearing your living space of all the old energies that no longer serve you. Yes, dearest ones, it is time to spring clean and clear out everything that no longer serves you. Let it go to someone else who may use it in love.

Then, when you have a clear and light space that contains only items that are useful, loved, comfortable and serve a Higher Purpose, then you can dedicate your living space to Higher Consciousness.

Consecrating a Sacred Space

The importance and use of rituals and ceremonies is a wonderful way to consecrate and dedicate a Sacred Space. Simple and yet graceful, such rituals will create an energy of intention and grace.

Your ritual may be as simple as lighting a candle and saying a blessing that you have written yourself. Or you may want to invite friends and have a ceremony of dedication and blessing for your home.

Then, once you have created that space, use your home for Meditation, Full Moon rituals, Prayer and Celebration. Make a point of blessing your food before you eat. Remember to express your gratitude in meditation when you wake up and when you go to sleep. Do Yoga. Dance. Sing. Fill your living space with the vibrant Joy and Love of Higher Consciousness.

Dear Ones, this is a powerful task. The more homes that become Sacred Spaces, the more powerfully the energy of Higher Consciousness will be grounded on the planet.

This you can do. This each one of you can do. Claim your living space for New Earth. And, in the turbulence and chaos of the transition, your home will become a haven of peace and stability where you will experience feeling grounded and calm.

You will create a small piece of New Earth which will unite with all the other small pieces to create a powerful whole. Never has the power of the individual been more potent and more wonderful than now! You are ready, dearest Lightworkers, to express your inner reality by creating an outer reality that reflects who you are.We wish you great Joy in this transformative and wonderful process!

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