AA Michael ~ Everything is New”:Special Solstice Message

Dearest Lightworkers, we bring you this special message at the time of the June Solstice of your beloved Planet Earth. At this wonderful time of balance and renewal, it is a time to say good-bye to the old and welcome the new. For you have reached the point where you are now manifesting the New Earth and releasing the old. You are moving away from old patterns based on duality and conflict and embracing new ways of life based on unity consciousness and unconditional love.

But, dearest ones, we know that living on this new multi-dimensional earth is not easy for you right now. Often it is confusing as you try to release the old and embrace the new. You are not yet fully in the new, so conscious choices need to be made all the time. But in this next seven year cycle leading up to the grand moment of December 2012, you will find it increasingly easier to make the choices that will resonate with the new energies and new ways of life that represent the New Earth.

Going with the Flow…..

The most important difference between Old Earth ways of life and the New Earth, is that you are required to release control of your life and allow your Higher Aspect or Higher Self to lead. This does not mean that you sit and do nothing. On the contrary, New Earth beings are Conscious Creators who work with Intention and the Process of Manifestation that requires focus and discipline. But, they also know that in order for this process to succeed, they must release expectation and attachment and allow the Higher Realms of Spirit to deliver the manifestation. Attempting to control outcomes will only result in frustration and exhaustion, and will block the miracles that Spirit loves to deliver. For the Higher Dimensions delight in the playfulness of miracle creation.

And so the key is release control and allow trust to be the center of your life. Express your needs and trust that they will be met.

Living in the New Earth: Work, Money and Relationships

In the old Earth paradigm, the solid structures and systems of the third dimension meant that everything was known and expectations could be met easily by following known steps to known outcomes. In the fifth-dimensional New Earth, fluidity, flexibility, adventure and the unknown are the key experiences. You create according to intention and you await the synchronicities and opportunities that will lead you to your dreams and their manifestation on the physical plane.

There are three key areas that we would speak to you of now – Relationships, Work and Money – since these are the areas that affect you most and create most confusion and anxiety.

Work will no longer be a matter of choosing a job or career and making money. The Higher Self will block all choices that are not made from passion and a sense of growth, exploration and delight. That is why so many of you are feeling the urge to change careers and explore your dreams. In the New Earth, you will also not stay in one career all your life. The demands of your soul’s growth, and longer and more interesting lives, will mean that you will be lead to explore several careers and options, each with a passionate and fulfilling sense of joy. Work will become play and playfulness.

This is also the key to that second issue – money. You will still use money in the New Earth, but it will be reduced from the purpose of work to a mere symbol of energy exchange, which it rightfully is. It is only the distorted manipulations of third-dimensional financial institutions that has made money the goal and purpose of life. It is not and was never meant to be. The purpose of your lives is growth and exploration, and when these are being expressed through passion and joy, then the manifestation of support through abundance will follow. Abundance may not always be money. There are many ways that support can come into your life apart from money. In the New Earth you will once again learn to value non-monetary support and the abundance that many of you do not even see right now in your single-minded pursuit of money. Again, you will learn to trust that your Higher Self, in partnership with Spirit, will provide all that you need at the right time.

Relationships will also cease to be a matter of anxiety, as you learn that Spirit and your Higher Self will bring the perfect soulmate into your life when you are ready. This knowledge gives you the patience and the confidence to wait for that partner, and not just to seek a partner fo the sake of having one in your life. Once these new relationships reach the point of commitment, there are great joys and also great challenges. For relationships in the New Earth will not alwasy be expressed in conventional and expected ways. The emphasis will be on soul bonding and communication and love, and less on the material structures of relationship as they were known in third-dimensional life. These new relationships will also develop far more slowly in general, and will last much longer than old earth partnerships. The partners will learn to be within the relationship as beloved partners, and yet enjoy complete autonomy and self-expression. They will be a unit, and yet they will be individuals. And within this paradox will be found great joy and immense love.

An Earth Beyond Healing

As you enter the New Earth, many of you who are now healers will cease to do this, and begin to be rather teachers of the skills of living in the New Earth.

When you see the perfection and beauty of the New Earth, and of yourselves as perfect human angels, you will realize that there is nothing to heal. Rather, there is a need to welcome the newly awakened beings to this new society, and to help them to understand the new skills required to live in a world beyond conflict, pain, suffering and destruction.

You, dearest Lightworkers, will become teachers of the skills of living from the Heart. You will teach balance and love and well-being. You will teach unconditional love and acceptance. You will teach the techniques of intention and manifestation. And in doing this work, you will create the new society of the New Earth.

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