Someday, you will be able to discover many wonderful things about yourself and your destiny

All people have a purpose in life if they choose to accompany it. By finding the soul’s purpose you will understand your passion, your path and your creativity since we are all multidimensional creatures. Discover your soul’s purpose while embarking on a journey that is inspiring and everlasting.

Pay attention to the mind: 

Pay attention to what you are thinking about. . About 5 percent of our thoughts are actually conscious thoughts. Before bad thoughts even merge with the subconscious, we need to become more diligent on what we are thinking about. Once we decide that a thought is true, it becomes a belief that is good or bad. Our subconscious mind merges this thought with other beliefs in our belief system and helps us gather evidence to support this thought as a truth. Stop judging yourself and let go of thoughts that are distracting.

Avoid life distractions: 

Bad things happen in life, but don’t allow it inside your bubble or into your inner sanctum. When everything around us appears to be falling apart, find time for stillness, solitude and rest. Use introspection to help guide you through moments of hardships. If you don’t, life will run you over and your soul will become stuck. Avoid getting tangled in life’s petty distractions.

Find out what your talents are: 
To know what your soul’s purpose is on earth, you need to uncover what your talents and giftings are. The reason is that everything is connected to the soul and so are your talents. Ask yourself a couple of questions. What intrigues you, captivates you and burns in your heart? What activity brings you the most satisfaction in life? If you don’t have all the answers and that is fine. Find a pad and jot your thoughts down. Usually when we list the things that we like to do or are passionate about it all becomes clearer. Sometimes this is included in our individual journey.

Be yourself: 

If you are always acting like someone else or aspiring to be someone else, you will never find your own identity. Sometimes we feel that there is something prove to others because fear or self-judgment seeped into our lives along the way. If you want to find your soul’s purpose, look no further than within.

Rise above rejection: 

It might be self-inflicted or caused by someone else’s actions towards us, regardless of how it happened–rejection is painful. What happens is that we internalize these rejections and believe we are not capable of being loved. Rejection can paralyze you when you internalize it. Remember the bubble and the inner sanctum we mentioned that needs protection? The same holds true for rejection, don’t allow it to disorient your mind or become a gateway for bitterness in your heart.

Be grateful in life: 

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. Truly gratitude is an underutilized gift. Show gratitude towards people you know and people that you don’t know. As we move forward in our journey on earth, it would be a lot more enjoyable if we were more grateful. This gives you a happier life, heart and of course, being thankful infuses the soul with joy.

Invite happiness in: 

When you invite happiness in, your life will change and it will help you embrace your soul’s purpose. Our souls deserve a couple of rays of happiness every day. Seek what blocks you from allowing laughter and joy in some every day. You may or may not have a spiritual path in your life. Positive feelings don’t have to be experienced when something good happens, it can happen even during your toughest moments. Take time today to let happiness into your life. Finding your soul’s purpose doesn’t have to be a taboo subject. The soul is something that can be guided in tangible ways until we depart from this world. During the journey, invest in yourself, be grateful and let go of negative things and negative energy. Someday, you will be able to discover many wonderful things about yourself and your destiny. 💕