AA Michael ~ the Indigo Adolescent and Teen-ager

My eighteen year-old son…..has been diagnosed as bi-polar although currently refusing meds. He abuses alcohol and marajuana, almost daily. Last night, he left a pizza in oven at 500 degrees for 5 hours and we all woke up choking on smoke. He had passed out on sofa, I’m guessing from drinking. My other son woke up and put out fire just in time. He has continuously put the rest of our family in danger through his criminal activities as well. We have been advised by many professionals to ask him to leave the house. My concern is he’ll get worse. But maybe not. What do you think? I feel helpless in helping him. We’ve tried everything we know, and that’s a lot……….

Dearest Ones, this is the first of a two part channel that will discuss the issues and problems of many Indigo adolescents. We will call the topic of this channel the Indigo “existential crisis”, since it is a crisis of being that affects many Indigos in their mid to late teen-age years.

Often, at the age of about 15 or 16, the young Indigo adult may go into a state of depression or neurotic behavior and begin manifesting destructive or self-destructive patterns of behavior. Sometimes these patterns may be only turned inwards, but often they can become focused outwards as well. In this case, the destructive energies are felt and experienced by the family, and the peace and stability of the family is shattered. In extreme cases, Indigos may take their destructive patterns into the larger community and become “problem cases”.

We, the channel and the spirit helpers, see so many parents who are deeply distressed because they cannot cope with this destructive behavior. It may include depression, mental illness, drug abuse, anti-social behavior, rebellion and even violence. Many of you who are gentle and loving parents ask “Why did this happen?” and “What did we do wrong?”. We hope to answer some of your questions here and give you some guidelines as to how to cope with these situations.

The Indigo Soul and the Existential Crisis

Firstly, you as parents need to understand the soul of your Indigo teen-ager. They are advanced beings, and their souls are of a higher vibration and thus closer to the God/Source vibration than yours may be. Because of this, they have an inner sense or knowing when something is not right for them or is not working for them. They might not be able to articulate it fully, but the knowing is there.

This is especially applicable when it comes to rules, regulations, and a way of life that is predetermined by society. The Indigo soul rebels against confinement and containment. It seeks the expression of its essence as a divine spark in freedom and joy. What it gets is often a stifling and boring system called “school” that seeks to quash all individualism and make them conform to some conventional pattern of set behavior and thinking. This is followed by “work’ or “career” in which these patterns are crystallized into forms of survival where certain actions are rewarded by money. Well, this is how your Indigo teen-ager or adolescent see your life and your system of education and careers.

For yes, indeed, the Indigo adolescent and teen-ager looks at you, his or her parents, and the community, and sees people who have lost their freedom and passion, and are living routine and unexciting lives based on survival through earning money. The Indigo knows this is NOT what he or she came to the planet to do!

Some Indigos have the strength to find their own path into passion and individual expression. But many feel completely trapped by the system and see no future for themselves. This is when the existential crisis begins….

They become depressive and angry and may seek escape in alcohol and drug abuse. Some refuse to attend school or find jobs. It is becoming increasingly common for Indigos to just sit at home. In some cases, this non-participation in society is combined with substance abuse and rebellion, producing a deeply unhappy home situation for all concerned.

Managing the Situation : Honesty and Self-Reflection

The first step in dealing with the problem is to acknowledge that this is not just the case of a “problem child”, but that it is a group or family issue. The dysfunctional teen-ager or adolescent is displaying the symptoms of a problem that is part of the family as a unit.

It is your behavior and choices as adults in the community and within a materialistic culture that has created these deep patterns of illness and unhappiness. Your choices are toxic to your child, and you need to face and acknowledge that. Often your choices may be toxic to yourselves, but you have repressed these reactions in your need to conform and succeed. Your Indigo child will not follow the path of repression and loss of passion as you have, but he or she will mirror it to you in their own dysfunctional patterns.

It is the spiritual “mission” of the Indigo being to function as a “mirror” of the dysfunction in society, so that it may be replaced with something more balanced and healthy. What that may be is yet to emerge. You are still in a period of change and transition, and what you are feeling within your families may be likened to the “birth pains” of another way of life. In the meantime, your child’s message to you is: “your way of life does not work for me; I cannot do this”. How you respond may determine his or her future path in life.

Do not try to force the teen-ager to conform. This will only create more and deeper trauma. The crisis situation has arisen because the teen-ager cannot communicate his or her needs and feelings and has moved into despair.

You are dealing with a Higher Vibrational soul in trauma and despair, as well as a dysfunctional and angry teen-ager. These are the two steps that we recommend that you follow to work with this situation if it arises in your family.

1. Deal with the Physical Problems

If the teen-ager has drug dependency issues or is depressive, then these issues must be dealt with through adequate professional counseling and treatment. There are deep-seated issues of unhappiness and inadequacy that need to be addressed and healed.

By the time the Indigo is manifesting the symptoms of the crisis, there is a great deal of pain and damage that can only be healed by adequate professional help. It is important to find the right kind of help. Putting the teen-ager on anti-depressants or Ritalin is not the right kind of help. Medications may be used, but they must be used in tandem with healing and loving counseling.

In many cases, the family will need to be a part of the healing process as well.

Dearest Ones, this will be a new understanding in your future society. That a family will own a “problem” in one of its members as an imbalance in the family. They will seek healing and rebalancing for the entire family and not just the one who is displaying the symptoms of the imbalance.

2. Providing Positive Alternatives and the Role of Trust and Patience

Your role as parents, after you have dealt with the physical manifestations of the crisis, will be to offer positive alternatives and to trust and be patient.

The world is changing rapidly. It is becoming more comfortable for Indigos by the day. Soon, many Indigos will not need to go into crisis to make their points about how they want to live their lives. You, as parents and caregivers and teachers, will allow them to make their own choices. You will learn to empower them to make choices, and to support them in their choices. You will help them to develop their inner passions and fire, when you recognize and heal your own inner passions and fire.

But, for now, learn to be gentle with them. And patient. Surrender the situation in your family over to Spirit and the Angels for healing and balancing, and allow the healing process whatever it brings up. You will find that all of you in the family will need to make changes and re-think your lives. But, once you have surrendered the situation for healing, then trust that it will be healed.

Learn to live with your Indigo from day to day, rather than anguishing about his or her future. Celebrate their healing and their achievements, even if they are small at this time. Celebrate their being – and do not make demands on them that they cannot possibly fulfill.

Understand that if you are as gentle and loving as the situation permits, they in turn will become that way as well. Let gentleness and kindness and respect become a part of your mutual interactions. Once this energy is introduced, miracles can occur. You will see a miracle of healing in your “problem” Indigo. The crisis can be healed if you acknowledge that it is there to teach you and to heal you as well. All that is asked, dear ones, is your co-operation and your trust as parents with your Spirit guides and angels. We are here to help!