AA Michael ~ A Slow Dance

Greeting and salutations from The Creator My Beautiful Beings of Light. This Messenger has invited all of your Angels and Guides to be at your side as you read this message.

Your Angels are extending their wings out in order to act as a mirror continually moving the love energy back to you that is flowing from The Creator directly to you. Open your Spiritual Heart Chakras and feel this love pouring in My Beloveds.

Allow this wonderful sensation to flood your essence with luscious pink love energy. Feel it wafting through you. See it changing your mood from somber to joy. Embrace the power that this wonderful love essence brings to you. What a wonderful gift you have just been given. Can you share it with those that have a need today? Share your smile and watch as the others respond to your kindness.

You see My Beautiful Beings of Light this is a Slow Dance and the more purposefully that you glide into The Creator’s open welcome Essence the more joy and bliss will be available to you.

This Messenger will be taking you on a meditative journey to continue with this adventure. With your permission this messenger will join you.

Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed for a while. You may either sit or lie down which ever is more comfortable for you. Cover your physical self with a light blanket if you chill easily. You want no distractions during your meditations so always make sure the physical vessel is comfortable.

Invite in at this moment all that you would have join you on this adventure.

In your imagination ask through prayer for The Creator to send you down a protective Ray of White Light by saying “My Creator I ask for a protective Ray of White Light to enfold me and lift me up so that I may experience the very highest of vibrations during this journey into my most inner depths of understanding and Being. I am protecting myself from anything that is not for my highest good on this journey. I thank you My Creator for assisting me by sending this Ray that is now coming down through the corner of the area where I am meditating. It is entering into this physical form, permeating all that is within this Beingness’s presence.” The Creator has gifted you with an Iridescent White Ray plus a Divine Pink Ray for this journey. These are entering into your body through the soles of your feet and moving up through your physical vessel, permeating through out all of your energy fields into all corners of the area that you are in, then exiting through your Crown Chakra. The Rays are returning to The Creator and cycling back down through you again and back to The Creator in a circular motion.

Your breathing in and out is now forming a figure eight around your essence. The sign of Infinity is rhythmically continuing over and over again with each in breath and out breath.

You are now divinely protected and nothing can even  communicate with you that is not for your highest good with out your permission at this moment.

If it helps you to visualize by identifying your ego with a symbol or object please do so.

Direct your ego self to perch on your left shoulder. Instruct your ego self that it is to only be an observer on this journey.

Breath in deeply My Divine Light Beings and feel the lighter relaxed feelings of being Divinely guided into this meditation. Breath in deeply and know that you are breathing to the Pulse of The Creator. Listen to The Creator’s heart beat and feel the love that courses through you each time you think about this moment.

Breath in deeply allowing and seeing within your imagination your Guardian Angels join you and take your etheric hand to guide you into your Spiritual Heart Chakra.

Your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and special invited guests are now within your Spiritual Heart Chakra and as you locate and turn the door knob of the Golden Door that says “To My Highest Guidance Within” you cross over the threshold.

You find yourself in a white marble corridor. As you hear music in the distance and you begin looking around for the doorway to the party.

You turn to you left and there it suddenly materializes in front of your eyes. You smile and your Angels laugh they always are amused at your surprise.

Your Angels open the door for you and you step through the doorway. As you do your clothing is transformed to formal wear. You look so elegant. You notice how the attire makes you feel. You feel special and very gracious.

You begin walking in the direction of the music. You stop when you see in the glade of trees a dance floor and the wonder of nature as the backdrop gracing this party’s atmosphere.

You look around and wonder where all the guests are. Your Angels tell you, that you are the guest and you have just arrived right on time they might add.

They tell you not to be shy and nudge you on to the edge of the dance floor. You turn around and around and see the twinkling lights decorating the trees. You smile as a faint odor of roses drifts in the air. The breeze is blowing ever so faintly just enough to bring you the scent of the wonderful roses.

You feel a touch, you turn and realize that The Creator has just tapped you on the shoulder and asked to have this Dance.

As you accept who you really are, you begin moving to the music that only you and The Creator can hear My Divine Light Beings.

The music is deep and primal you know in the back of your mind that you have heard it many many times before.  The tones fill your essence with the feelings of awaking as you feel their vibrations rhythmically pulsing through all your levels, dimensions and aspects.

As you are drawn closer by The Creator your pace quickens and you confirm to yourself your past connection to this Wonderful Essence.

The Creator whispers in your ear and you breath just seems to instantly escape as if a lover had murmured an endearment. What did The Creator whisper your invited guests are wondering. All they know is it made you smile.

The dance continues and you are whisked from one side of the dance floor to the other. You astound yourself at how magnificently you are following the lead of your Creator Dance Partner, not one faulted step have you made.

As the music intensifies your vibrations rise higher and higher as you whirl and twirl in your glorious graceful elegance wrapped in the Creators Wondrous Essence.

As you vibrations rise remembrance floods back into your essence once more of your real nature and purpose of this incarnation. The Creator whispers in your ear again and reminds you of your mission. The Creator tells you how wonderfully you are doing and thanks you for your work thus far.

As the music slows to it’s final last notes The Creator is reassuring you that the connection is always open and the communication lines are always answered when you call.

Tears of joy and wonder are rolling down your face as you have accepted the love that The Creator has extended. The doubts have been rolled away My Beloveds and you are once again on sure footing knowing your next step on your spiral of advancement is a major one.

The final note has sounded and just for fun The Creator twirls you just once more. You embrace knowing that this isn’t really a parting but a new beginning.

You have been given and have accepted the assignment and completion of your mission. The Creator reminds you of the love that you both share and the commitment that you’ve made through your acceptance of your mission.

The Creator sends you on your way and asks you to return often for Dancing with you is always such a joy.

You sadly part but know you will be returning frequently as these moments with your Maker have strengthened your Spiritual Path. You can no longer just blindly follow others as they go about their Spiritual work you too must do yours, you have promised.

You walk back to where your invited quests and Angels are waiting. The Angels lead you back down the path to the door. You cross back into the white marble corridor.

Your find yourself back in the clothes in which you came, but as you glance in the mirror the glow has not left your essence. You smile and know that it will stay with you.

The Angels guide you back over the threshold into your Spiritual Heart Chakra. You journey back to where your physical vessel has been waiting for you. The Angels assist you back into your physical form.

The Angels tell you that when you are ready wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes. Enjoy the lighter feeling that release has brought for you.

Smile and know that this is going to be an outstanding day

Remember always that you are loved more than any Earth Plane language can describe. Be at peace and embrace the remembrance of who you truly are. The Earth is changed one person at a time. Choose the miracles and release the grievances.

I Am Archangel Michael, The Creator’s Messenger, of Love, Joy, Wisdom, Light, Peace and Grace.

This Message was Transmitted Through & Transcribed by Carolyn Ann O’Riley.

This is copyrighted material. © It may be shared with those that you sense might resonate with the material provided all the appropriate credits are given and there is no charge for the channeled message shared with another. To e-mail The Channel, Carolyn Ann O’Riley click on this link

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