How To Survive As A Highly Sensitive Person In A Chaotic World

We are living in a highly-charged state of flux on our planet, one that involves both massive energetic shifts and challenges in the state of the world around us. While it’s true that the natural state of being is one of constant change, those we’re experiencing now are quite potent, and they’re being felt by many in deep, powerful ways.

So what exactly is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)? Think of a radio with an antenna which is raised and adjusted to pick up a clear signal. The radio receives the energetic frequencies from the atmosphere and translates them into sound; all of its components were designed with this intention and unless it was switched off, it would constantly receive and translate those signals. An HSP is like that radio; their energy field is always set to receive the frequencies from the atmosphere, and emotional energy is the strongest signal. This constant barrage of vibrational frequencies can have a profound effect on the HSP’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual state of being. This means it’s crucial that they learn to work with their sensitivities rather than becoming the victim of them.

If you relate to being an HSP, here are some tips to help you cope:

1. Remember that your sensitivities are a gift.
They help you to connect with others in a deeply empathic way; since you can feel what they are feeling, you can intuit what they need beyond what they are telling you. This empathy can be a beacon of light for someone’s dark night of the soul, and you may find a great sense of purpose in helping others.

2. Utilize your power of discernment and choice.
While you may not be able to completely shut down your sensitivities, you get to choose where to focus your attention, energy and time. You get to choose the energy you connect with and when to disengage. And you are never obligated to take on the drama, suffering or dilemmas of others or the world. Trust your intuition to guide you toward the people and situations that are in your highest good, and away from those that may weigh too heavily on you.

3. Honor your need to withdraw and recharge.
Many HSPs are also introverts, which means they need periods of calm and quiet to reset and replenish their energy. Be sure to balance the energy you expend, whether it’s from social interaction, helping someone with their challenges, performing any type of energy work or healing, or having an emotional reaction to some event, with quiet, reflective self-nurturing so that you don’t experience burnout.

4. Create a daily ritual to protect your energy.
As you prepare to begin your day, visualize some sort of energetic protection surrounding you with the clear intention that it will only receive the frequencies that are in your highest good. This can be a bubble of energy, a white light, a suit of armor, a band of angels or guides, or an energetic force field. Imagine that this shield has the same power as putting on your seat belt in the car; it keeps you safe so you don’t have to worry about being hurt. See it, set it and forget it.

5. Create another ritual to release any unwanted energy at the end of the day.
You can physically shake it off, or wash your hands in a certain way or with a certain soap, or you can visualize shedding the energy like a winter coat, or brushing it off you. Whatever method you choose, know that it’s the intention behind it that has the power, so set a clear intention to release any energy that doesn’t serve you.

6. Allow yourself to fully experience and feel your emotions.
Telling yourself you “shouldn’t” be feeling a certain way or dismissing what you deem to be a negative emotion just means it will keep coming back until you allow it to fully pass through your energy field. Feel it, face it, ask what it’s showing you, breathe through it and release it. Journaling, talking with a trusted friend, connecting with nature, physical activity and meditation are all good methods to release pent-up emotion.

7. Find your tribe and stay connected with them.
If you’re an HSP and an introvert, you may not have a huge social network, but it’s important to have a few people in your life who truly understand you and love you unconditionally. Nurture those relationships and don’t be afraid to turn to them when you need some help navigating through your feelings. Remember that most people love to be needed, and if they truly see and know you, they will know how to hold the space for you.

Remember that your bright spirit chose these challenging times in which to incarnate so that your light, your compassion, and your infinite love could be felt by those who need it most, and so you could experience the great joy and fulfillment of navigating that which most challenges you. You are needed, wanted and loved beyond measure by those around you, both seen and unseen. Nurture and honor yourself, and know that your unique sensitivities are what will help to guide us all to a greater understanding of ourselves.

About the Author: Tracy Farquhar, owner of the Spirit Light Center in Southern New Jersey, is a professional psychic medium, teacher, author and Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, offering readings, workshops, coaching, and events. She is the author of two bestselling channeled books: Frank Talk: A Book of Channeled Wisdom, and From Deep Space with Love: A Conversation about Consciousness, the Universe and Building a Better World, co-authored with Mike Dooley. See for more information and join her on Facebook.