AA Michael ~ The Room of Light and Dark

Tonight then, is a grand moment for us. For you invite us to go deeper with these teachings. We have been introducing some aspects of how to embody your birthright – God consciousness. How to become a human being that understands that your natural state of being is a state of joy. How this planet Earth was a place for you to find resolution with all the things that you have experienced since you left home; the kingdom. So that you can bring back into your personal experience that which you feel was left behind in the kingdom. Making that your tangible reality, your new identity, based in joy, in love.

It would ask of each of you to do something quite extraordinary. To make a new pledge in your life. Tonight we invite you to give your allegiance to joy. What would happen in your life with such a commitment to joy ? That would ask you to stop reacting to a reality that has nothing to do with joy. It is this sovereign stance that will ask you to affirm on a daily basis that your choice of how you would choose to feel is not negotiable.

And so it is to become conscious of your thoughts by noticing how you are feeling. To pay attention to each emotion that runs through you that is a part of your conditioning. Part of the parameters that you accepted to survive being here as a human being. And yet those very parameters do not allow the magnificence of your own consciousness to be present in this moment.

You sit here tonight feeling once again exhausted from trying to accommodate what humanity is serving – less than yourself, less than your own magnificence, less than joy itself. Your body says “this doesn’t feel so joyful”. How can the body and your soul accommodate this new relationship? Body and soul, having a mutual understanding that your allegiance to joy is now your standard for how you choose to feel. When you wake up in the morning, starting tomorrow what will be the first trade off that breaks that allegiance?

What will be the first compromise that denies you the birthright to represent the magnificence of who you are. We are not judging any of you. We are asking you…. must it be this way? For you already feel how painful it is to be less than who you already are. And how is this going? Have you had enough? Truly, have you had enough? How many more days must you live convincing yourself that you must try even harder to be less than what I already am. Joy.

In a way you prostitute yourself by trying to accommodate the expectations you adapted to. By adapting to those expectations, you prostitute your own soul. For it knows its truth to be this joy. Even if you are the only one on the planet being truthful to yourself, at least “you” will be having a good time.

Remember that your experience on Earth is all about creating solution to all the feelings that we have experienced since we left home. Since we experienced for the first time feeling separate from joy, from love. No one has done anything wrong. God/Goddess simply asked; would you go on a journey, on an adventure where love is not contained, and we all raised our hands. Like joyful children do, and we stepped out into the grandness of this void and for the first time experienced fear, feeling separate from home.

But here we are on Earth as human beings having slowed down our own thought process and call it physical reality. Slowed it down so that we could not escape our own relationship to our own feelings, be they love or fear. No more running off into the 24th dimension. But finding here on Earth the opportunity to finally make peace with those aspects of ourselves that feel polarized, that feel separate, diminished, unloved, and unwelcome.

Those aspects are here tonight asking must we be responsible for holding that which is not joyful for the rest of your days? When do we get to reunite into the family consciousness that is are heritage as well? Tonight perhaps? For many of you tonight. But let’s begin with loving thyself. Let’s see how this feels.

Let’s close our eyes together as a group and put our hands right on our hearts. (Every one takes a deep breath here.)

Begin to slowly rock back and forth, back and forth begin to just allow yourself to feel that the one that you have been searching for to love you is right here now. It is you, loving you. We invite you to fall deeply in love with yourself. Hold yourself with such affection. Hold yourself so tenderly. Hold yourself with such compassion.

Finally in all the lifetimes that you have been living as a physical human being, the search to find another to love you stops here tonight. You have found you. You have always been here. Let yourself feel the most profound affection for you – from You. For the journey that you have taken. For all the bumps and bruises.

Gently with your hand caress your face ever so lightly, like a feather touching yourself with such a tender affection. Can you say to yourself- I am beautiful? Can you say this to yourself? Can you say it to yourself- I am perfect just the way I am and I love who I am? Can you say this to yourself and mean it from the deepest part of your heart? I am perfect just the way I am.

I am the grandest soul who has ever experienced life just as I am experiencing it here and now. I am this grand. The truth of who I am is that I am spirit also, and I have fallen deeply in love with myself. I am spirit also and I have fallen deeply in love with thyself.

Now open your eyes for a moment. We know you do not like this, but bear with us. So, you to you, (Michael pointing to each person to look at another) look at each other. Look at the grandness of spirit looking back at itself. Perhaps you can say to each other; if not for the love I have for myself, I would say you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. (Laughter here). Indeed. Keep these eyes open. Keep these eyes open and look at the one looking at you.

Can you say you are absolutely beautiful. And can you see that when you see that beauty within yourself, how this other person suddenly indeed is more beautiful then they have ever looked before. They will not mind.

Indeed. Now. Allegiance to this pledge will ask of you to love yourself in such a way that it will look vain to those who have yet to learn about self love. If you are willing to love yourself in this way, you will not accept anything that would ask of you to diminish your allegiance to this joy.

The joy is what supports you. The joy is what provides the abundance, prosperity, the fulfilling intimate relationships. It is the joy that makes you irresistible to anyone. And then you can have anything you want. But you must pledge allegiance to this joy.

So tomorrow, we know you love your Monday mornings. Tomorrow is yet another Monday. How will your day begin? It begins with an opportunity to feel so passionate about your new pledge. This allegiance to joy that is not for sale. And you will be tested. For you will be tested by those that have been conditioned, like you to love their self from a place of compromise and sacrifice.

This allegiance to your joy is so profound that it would ask of you never to sacrifice that joy for anything. You know about the personality now. You know how it is that it goes into all of its drama and trauma when it is not in the back seat. For when it is up in the front seat, it goes into fear, and that is the first signal to tell you put it in the backseat. (Laughter)

Then the joy resounds. Then the joy becomes your primary relationship. Then there isn’t the need to project your needs upon others hoping that they will fulfill for you what you have not tasted for yourself. Loving yourself. This unique gift from your own heart will freely share itself with the rest of your planet when it knows it is being supported by a continuous flow of love from the source of life.

When humanity is ready to truly question their own reality, will your foundation be so secure that you cannot be swayed. Will you allow your heart to be tampered with. This allegiance to joy is no longer secondary to all the other agendas that have created your personal story. Your personal story is your personal history. You use that personal story as an excuse for why it is that you cannot give allegiance to this joy. For the personal story will tell you all the ways that joy has been denied. All the ways that humanity will not respect you if you are in that joy.

In the past, we would engage in battle. For you feared that something would be taken from you if you embodied the preciousness of your own soul. The magnificence of your own soul. You have this conditioned belief from your soul’s journey that when you are in your bliss, others try to extract that energy. For they do not know that bliss, and you feel you are like a commodity. Creating a new story doesn’t allow others to disrespect your sovereign nature, for you have made a pledge to honor yourself.

These grand battles are coming to an end. Even those that you are battling are weary of the battle. They are counting on all of you to create the solution here on Earth so that they too can find that joy in their own time. So that they can discover and participate in a reality that is not polarized. The new paradigm is self love. For without self love, that itself has nothing to anchor too.

When you fill yourself with that love, you are radiating out to everyone and it is effortless. It is effortless. And as soon as they want to dance to the song that is pain and suffering, you respectfully say no thank you. For you recognize that it offers no solution to the dualistic nature of your galactic dilemma.

For you female genders – it is the most difficult part. All that you inherited, all the conditioning of sacrifice and the guilt reside deep within you. As much as you intellectually feel you have liberated yourself by becoming more mindful. Your heart reminds you that the embodiment of your female nature, the Goddesses herself is served by your mind, your male nature.

This game, of pretending not to be spirit has finally turned the corner. We deeply honor all of you for feeling uncomfortable with this diminished huamn personality that refuses to trust in the joy. Refuses to receive the love that is available to you here and now. That game, duality itself has no future.

There is no solution to all the problems that face this planet if they are based on sacrificing, compromising and negotiating your joy for life. Trying to twist the arms of those that do not understand how to love themselves. They have not been given permission and so the killing of each other continues. They will in their own time discover this fine art. Your time is now, today, tonight.

Will you claim this to be your time? Will you claim your birthright to embody the angelic consciousness of who you are? ( looking directly at a student) Will you push Athena away one more time, she says- can I support our mutual identity within your vessel? Can you allow Athena to reclaim this sacred relationship within your body?

So Monday morning, we are looking at the clock. It is only about 12 hours from now. It is creeping up on you. What are you going to do with this? You will be awake again. Does it start all over again, the routine, the syndrome, the treadmill? Or do you wake up and declare my sovereignty and my allegiance to joy is more important than anything else that I have created up to now? Today, now, I start new and fresh.

What choices would you make if you felt free to choose any choice, what would you choose? What will you choose? Some of you have already made this choice. Profound choices that would change your relationship with everything in your life.

Some of you are about to be faced with those choices, and you are beginning to feel the fear. The fear of the unknown that suggests – if you make this choice for joy how will support yourself. The fear asks, show me a model of a self fulfilled human and I just might consider allowing such a choice. We remind you that for most of you the only reflection you will see will be from yourself.

Beloved’s, we look here at the future teachers, even though your knees are weak and they shake a little when we say this. And you ask yourself, “how will we do this?” How will we serve humanity? Who among us will share our unique gift when humanity is pleading for relief from feeling the anxiety of a reality that has provided no solutions?

It will not be the 60’s replayed. There will not be group celebrations and massive rock concerts to celebrate the new awakening. It will happen very quickly, and the new ones will not have 30 years to procrastinate. Can we really be in that joy or must we change the world first before we feel we deserve to have that joy?. Your service to your personal joy will support the solutions.

Every experience that you have impacts all of creation. All of creation then dances with what you resonate with within yourself. If it is not joy, then you are inviting an orgasmic pity party into your personal life. How is that going?

There is another party. We do not play pity songs. We are self empowered. We are Spirit, and so are you. And we have come here to remind you so that you can embody the solution to our galactic dilemma.. It is not all on your shoulders. We offer our support if you are open to receiving it. It is for you then to discover that you are representing a collective consciousness. Some of you may feel familiar with the Family of Michael or Sananda. Some of you prefer other families. It matters not. But you do not need to do this alone, nor was it intended that you do it alone.

The one that feels that it is doing it alone needs to get in the backseat so that you can experience the collective love descending into the cells of your body. It begins now less than 12 hours. What will the choice be when you awaken tomorrow? What will you do differently with your life that gives credibility to this allegiance to joy? How will you accommodate it?

We will be watching. Not with any judgment but for the opportunity to ask; are you ready to truly enjoy your life. For their is no need to wait any longer. As soon as you make that choice for joy, we will celebrate and together feel the love that binds us. We are not the voices that condemn, judge or belittle. We are the quiet thoughts within you that ride on waves of passion. We are the ones that whisper; can we play now.

Hmmm. It is your life. It is YOUR life. Now we have 11 hours and 50 minutes to celebrate this allegiance. Or are we going to be kicking and screaming, cursing at Michael. Damn I wish that archangel would just get a life. (Laughter). Hmmm, somebody give him free will so he can choose no joy. Until you do, then I am the most joyful pain in the rear end you have ever experienced. Indeed.

Until you do, then I am all about love. For I will not recognize you as something that I know you are not. You may convince these other humans that you are not magnificent, but I will not dishonor you. Because you asked me to maintain the integrity of our relationship while you discovered solution to your polarized relationship with life.

There have been a few who have embodied that solution. There have been a few who tasted it, and humanity – hmmm, well you know the story. You have come here in the millions. There are two percent of you now on planet Earth, and we know your mind says well when it is 50/50 maybe we will risk the chance.

This is a piece of cake Beloved’s. This is a piece of cake. It asks one thing of you. Now that we are down to the remaining 11 hours and 37 minutes, it asks to give allegiance simply to who you are. Then the future for humanity is set in stone. For when any of you discover the solution to your own polarized life, you become a conscious creator and set the course that humanity then must follow. Until of course the followers choose to be sovereign creators themself.

Then who would come to Earth? Those who would want to experience joy. Those who would want to resolve their resistance to joy. It is a planet for resolution. It is a planet that allows you the time and to see a tangible reflection of your own inner relationship. All the ways that you deny yourself this joy.

It is a priceless thing that you are trading, negotiating. This joy is so priceless. It is a jewel that has no price tag on it. For there is nothing that it could be traded in for. Nobody would trade it in if they allowed themselves to taste it. Nobody would consider, would ever consider tarnishing this jewel. Once you allow yourself to love yourself this profoundly, you cannot imagine anyone more perfect than you being with you.

So, it is time to take you on a journey. We are going to go very deep tonight. It is not intended to shake anybody up. It is intended to wake you up. Get out of the dream you are dreaming. There is another dream to dream, and it is solely based in joy. And those who are dreaming it also taste it, perceive it, experience it, and know that it is not tradeable for anything. This joy is not about escaping the reality you face. To the contrary, it is about facing that reality with the very solution it yearns to discover for itself. What courage all of you have simply for being here at this time!

So, we invite Sananda to be here with us tonight. We invite you to imagine that your life is contained within a home. This home embodies all the experiences your soul has collected since you left the kingdom. What you would call your living room, is the place where you have chosen to express yourself and have created your identity. You have the wisdom to design this living room in the shape of a circle. Allowing for change in your life, the freedom to flow. And yet, your personal identity in this living room is greatly influenced by to adjacent rooms that face each other on opposite ends of your circular living room.

One of these rooms you call the room of light, this is where we meet you as we do tonight. You joyfully invite us to enter this room of light with you.

This room is beautiful. We enjoy your presence and your company very much in this room. In this room we see it has four walls, and on the ceiling there is an energy that says to us – freedom. As we walk into this room of light with you, it is here that you trust us. It is here that you are most comfortable letting us be with you. Here you have placed all the qualities that you remember the Kingdom to be, Home to be.We are most honored that you invite us into this room. For we too resonate to these qualities.

We see that your four walls represent different aspects of that which you call light. We also see that these aspects change on a daily basis, so for tonight you are sharing four of those aspects. One of these is called Compassion. It is a Compassion that you share with yourself for having the courage to be on earth at this time. It is a Compassion that understands that suffering and pain is but a by-product of feeling disconnected from your own joy. Compassion- such a powerful energy in this room. This room of the light.

We see another wall that you ask of us to admire. This wall you have called Self Acceptance. To be so in love with your own reflection, accepting and embracing your divine consciousness. This is such a profound relationship that you have created in this room with yourself and this wall called Self Acceptance. To know that you deserve and our worthy of all of the love that radiates throughout and within all of life. Accepting the perfection of who you are in this moment.

You turn then to another wall, and you share with us the energy known as Self Fulfillment. Oh, we like this wall very much. Experiencing your life as being fulfilled, you have learned not to compromise what makes your heart sing. You have learned to stop trying to conform to that which does not bring you joy. You have chosen to not negotiate your joy. Is it not grand? We enjoy very much in this room of light how it is that you allow Self Fulfillment to be a part of your life.

We turn now to the next wall, and you gladly introduce us to the energy that you call Patience. Patience. Oh we sit with you with this wall, and it is such a beautiful thing in this room of the light to embody such a patience. To allow life around you to be as it is and to change what you feel called to change. Perceiving life with a broader overview than what you mind observes allows patience to exist. And we thank you for allowing us to share with you how it is that you have embodied and learned so much from this quality of Patience.

This room of the light. This is where we play with you much of the time. This is where we come in through our partner (Bob). It is here, in this room of the light that you feel safe being in the presence of your magnificence. For the light is the perfect reflection of all the qualities you remember the kingdom to be. And it is, for many of you the basis for defining what is real, what is good, positive and love based. You memory serves you well beloved, for these are some of the very qualities that supported all of life in the reality we call the kingdom or home.

You take us by the hand as we leave this room, and come back into the living room. And here you turn to us and you begin to scratch your head. For the living room is the byproduct of the qualities that are the influence from both of these rooms that are a part of your life. The room of the light and of course the room of the dark. But you tell us you spend a lot of time in this room of the light, and when you come back into your living room to experience life, you feel confused. For here you do not necessarily feel patient. You do not always accept yourself. You are not always fulfilled. You are not always compassionate with yourself.

And so we ask you Beloved, we see there is another room on the opposite side of this living room. What is this room? And you say to us oh, you do not want to go in there. And we ask you: Is this not connected to your life? And you say: we do not want to go in there. And so we ask: May we go in there with you and hold your hand, and let’s look inside and see what is in this room that is labeled the room of the dark? You are a little resistant about this. You are a little troubled that we would want to visit this room.

And so we promise you that we will not let go of your hand. A little begrudgingly you accept this offer, and we can say to you: let’s see the completeness of how your living room, your tangible reality is influenced by both rooms in your house, your personal story. Let’s see the whole picture so that we can serve you better.

You agree to come into this room of the dark. It is your room. It is a room that we have not created. And so we open the door with you. And indeed it is a bit gloomy. Indeed the energies feel very different from the energies in the room of the light. Indeed, the heart begins to feel a pain. And so it is that I extend my sword and radiate more light in this room so that we may discover together what is in this room Beloved. What is hiding in here.

It has four walls just like the room of light. As we turn to one of the walls, you stand behind us, and I read it for you. The wall says Anger. Anger. And I hold your hand and ask you to stand next to me. Let’s feel this Anger. What is this Anger? For would not this Anger have something to do with how it is that you are experiencing your personal life in the living room? And so we sit with you and feel this Anger together and ask that as you are feeling this Anger can you also feel Compassion?

Can you also bring in from the room of light the qualities that you are so comfortable being with? Can you have Compassion for having experienced the Anger and carrying this Anger with you? It is still a part of your life. We see it clearly right in front of us. Right with each of you. And so we ask of you, Beloved, try embracing this anger with your Compassion, and let us see what happens.

You acknowledge the Anger and bring it to your heart while feeling the Compassion. Yes, now it is not quite so dark on that wall. It appears we are creating a new color. It appears we are creating a gray tone. The gray tone feels like it is neutralizing the impact of the Anger. Hmmm. What a beautiful discovery. That by taking this Compassion and embracing the Anger, you neutralized the Anger.

This is interesting Beloved. We are excited. May you show us another wall. And so we continue to walk in front of you. You seem a little sheepish about this. And so we look then at this other wall and it says quite clearly on it Self Betrayal. Mmmm, yes we feel that with you. There is a pain in rejecting self, denying joy. Oh, thank you Beloved for sharing with us something that we did not understand fully. You carry within you Self Betrayal.

Let us take another quality from the light and bring it into this room. Of course what would blend so easily. Would it not be Self Acceptance. And is not Self Acceptance simply another word for self love. And so again we watch you meld Self Acceptance with this rejected energy, and again we witness it transforming and neutralizing the rejected energy and turning it into a gray tone. Hmmm.

Now you stand beside us. You seem to feel a little proud of yourself, and you should be. You have discovered something very tangible, very real. And you ask us would you like to see the third wall. Indeed we would. And I shine my sword into the darkness of that third wall. Oh Beloved – Self Doubt. Self Doubt. Again we feel your pain in your heart. Self Doubt. Hmmm.

What from the room of the light might you invite into the room of the dark that would serve this Self Doubt. And we will let you choose privately here. And bring that quality and blend it with Self Doubt, and again we are so honored to witness how it is that you have neutralized the Self Doubt by embracing it with the qualities that you feel comfortable sharing from your room of the light. What a profound change.

And now you seem quite excited to show us the fourth wall. The last one, and here again I shine my sword and we see the words Resentment. Resentment. Oh yes, and again we can feel your pain. Resentment at God/Goddess for asking you to go on this journey when you were perfectly content and happy living in the Kingdom.

And so you bring then a quality from the room of the light to blend with Resentment. And you embrace it to your heart, and again we witness it neutralizing and blending into a gray tone.

And there on the ceiling of this room I point my sword and ask you to read what it says. Feeling a little confused, you read the word Freedom. Hmmm. And then you take our hand and come back into your living room. In here we then see the tangible reflection of your relationship with the room of the light and the room of the dark. And now you are looking at your life differently. You are seeing it with a new clarity.

Now you understand, you see the relationship within yourself with eyes unclouded. You see where you have been spending most of your time. You see by your unwillingness to acknowledge the existence of the dark, you have created a dualistic experience within yourself. None of those feelings existed in the kingdom and yet your perception of life outside the kingdom indeed now includes fear. You see by using the very qualities of life that bring you joy and sharing them with those aspects that are in a lack of joy, you heal the separation.

A new journey then begins now for each of you in this room and reading these words. For it is the Masters who understand that your soul nature has changed since you left home.The qualities of God/Goddess, Mother/Father while in the kingdom only embraced the light. For they do not know fear for they are never experience life as being separate. They do not know the room of the dark but they accept it is real for you. They know of your reaction to leaving Home. Facing the void itself brought up many new feelings for all of creation. They continue to love you in the same fashion that you received that love when you were in the Kingdom. But now to remind you that love doesn’t come “from” them but they now are within you as that love.

Love and fear. How it is that you create cooperation and understanding between the dark and the light. The love and the fear. Why would it be that the Freedom is in the room of the dark? What is waiting for you in that room? What would spending more time in that room do for your own personal freedom? Can you feel the joy in serving fear with love?

For in that way, we have hinted that when we left the Kingdom you were no longer a contained, grand consciousness. You shattered into billions of fragments of yourself. And all those different aspects experienced a reflection of its own self unique to itself. Which to your mind, it asks what kind of God would wish that on anyone. And yet, God/Goddess simply asked: How might we know a love that is not contained or controlled to be fulfilling. How would our consciousness expand, outside the safe parameters of the kingdom?

So, it is to be this clear now. Can it also be your joy to become conscious of all your feelings and begin to take responsibility for how it is that you want to feel. This will challenge your allegiance to joy itself. Acknowledging your polarized, internal relationship will expand your experience that then allows for ecstatic, joyful states of consciousness to become your reality.

Mmmmm, are we ready yet? Can we wait? The clock is ticking. Can we wait any longer? Indeed not. Indeed Not. For what else is there to do. It is simply to enjoy everything. To taste everything. To stop what you are doing in any way that diminishes your exquisite, blissful, ecstatic relationship with physical reality and turn it into a joyful relationship. You will look vain. Too bad. It’s not your problem. You are the one with the smile on your face. It is not your problem.

Let those that insist on playing in duality go. Let them. They will come to you when they are ready. They will come to you when they are pleading “how do we get out of this pain, how do we get out of this misery”. And you will share – give your allegiance to joy.

So, are we clear tonight? Are we clear? Is this something that you truly want in your life? For you can have it. It does not require struggle. It doesn’t need to be difficult. You already are making it difficult. Denying you joy equals difficulties. Your joy will not conform to anything that is not based on honoring the joy itself.

We are using this term joy instead of the word divinity. For you take that word, scramble it up with all your relationships to that word that have nothing to do with joy. With others we will use the term divinity to spark interest, but with this group it is all about the joy. It is. So, how do we serve you in other ways, in more personal ways? Sit with this a little bit.

A lot has been stirred up here tonight. We will warn you, there will be a little detoxing here, and we know for many of you- you are sick and tired of this. So drink lots of water. Lots of water. A gallon a day. Bring in the gallon to your unjoyful occupations and joyfully detox yourself. Or stay at home and drink all the water you want and be in bliss. Could it be this simple? What would you have to trust?

We know all of you here tonight and many reading these words would enjoy having more abundance, money. So if you want more of this abundance to come into your life, then it is to have a healthy relationship with how money does come to you. Money comes to you when you relate to money as being a reflection of your joy. Stop labeling it with all the conditions and beliefs you have about it. Give it up. It is just a form of exchange but in duality- there are some who get it, and the rest of you have to fight over the scraps. And that feels like what?

For God/Goddess, All That Is, is joy. And when you want that to be in your life, they ask “may we be in your life?” There was one commandment given to Moses that he forgot to write down. (laughter) Go play my children! But when you are in duality, you do not hear that voice, you hear a condemning, authoritarian father. So, it is now time to hear the new voice that has nothing to do with judgment and nothing to do with blame.

It all will change. It asks of you to open the door to the dark rooms, to be a frequent visitor because you will learn that is is also your joy to share love with fear. For the love that you are cannot be contained in the room of the light. It cannot be contained in any room, and if you try to contain it, your body will tell you, this is hurting containing this joy. It must flow, expand and be expressed.

So, questions tonight? Questions? (Cat meows here and Michael responds) We have answered you Beloved. It is within you.

Question 1: I have two questions. Although you may have answered I think the first one. As you warned last weekend to watch the week unfold, I did watch it unfold and there was some anger and some fear. A lot of different things that came up. It is difficult in that moment to find the joy, although there was some humor in watching myself in the process of it. If I am hearing you right, I think what you are saying is that if we visit these rooms consciously that those moments when it comes up are not going to be as intense. Because it is hard to find the joy when we are in the intensity.

Michael: They will not come up as if an unconscious guest had just arrived in your life. They will come up because you understand that something in that room of the dark you have not given love to, and the only way for it to get your attention is- well, here I am now right in your living room, right in front of everybody else to embarrass you completely. Now will you pay attention. I am here.

And then the way that you have related to those qualities of yourself in the past was to ridicule them. To diminish those qualities. All they are asking for is will you share this uncontained love with these parts of yourself that you have judged to be unlovable. For you have offered in your heart to not have duality be in my life any longer. You would like to experience yourself united with all of life and feel complete within yourself.

And so these parts will come up. Those parts in the room of the dark will get your attention. Consciously go in there and spend some time. Spend a good deal of time. There are no bogey men. There is nobody in there but frightened children because you forgot to turn the light on. And in walking in there it is not to overwhelm the darkness with the light. It is to simply to acknowledge that energy. Allow it to be what it is and to love it. And by loving it, it transforms it into a different energy. It becomes neutralized. And gives you a tangible experience of the power of love itself.

This is what we have been waiting for since we left Home. For we have grown exhausted with battling with our self. Have we not? Indeed, it matters not the form.

There is another room called the galactic living room. Here the family of the light and the family of the dark came together in council and decided to create Earth as a environment that could offer the opportunity to create peace. Earth has slowed it all down. When you make an allegiance to joy, in that clarity you know that you do not need to stir up the walls in your dark room and become traumatized by it.

And that is why all of you- we are looking at you, but we are speaking to everyone in this room and those reading these pages. When you deny your own magnificence, you become traumatized by the feelings in the dark room. And yet those very feelings are in the dark because love, at some point in time was withheld.

If you would be that conscious to visit that room you become the creator of your own personal reality. You can choose to have a healthy relationship with the unconscious parts of yourself, the room of the dark. Your living room, your personal reality, then becomes a very tangible reflection of that conscious relationship. Then you will not be caught unprepared or surprised by something coming up from your subconscious that overwhelms you. When you start to love your fears, more fears come to the party simply to feel resolved.

This neutralizes duality. Not by invoking so much light that the dark room is so frightened that you would overwhelm it. It does feel frightened. It’s in the dark. It could be no more frightened. It wants to know how do these qualities that you have rejected exist in your life. We percieve that with patience and compassion, those feelings in the dark naturally evolve back into acceptance.

When you are feeling you have deadened your senses to the room of the dark, take a pillow and pound the living heck out of it. Get yourself in touch with the energy that you feel you are afraid to feel. Have your way with the pillow, and then the energy is present. Acknowledge and validate it. I see you, I know you, I own you. I freely share the love the supports and flows through me with you. When you share this love, it transforms duality into love. It is a magical, magical occurrence.

Now, your whole journey does not change in one embracement. We are talking eons of life, but it is your joy to discover as many new and exciting ways that this uncontained love can be shared. The love itself doesn’t care which room its expression is allowed. Love itself does not place any judgment on the environment. It is complete within itself, it has no fear.

The joy that we are speaking of is unlike any experience you have yet to have as a human being. It is very new. This joy that we are speaking of is so profound that you will look back at who you believe yourself to be in this moment and simply laugh!

Question 2: You know this way of looking at things which you are talking tonight, it certainly puts a damper on our way of thinking about our highest services to really be of service to the Earth, and saving the Earth, and bringing as much light as we can to the Earth. And you are saying you can’t force anybody to change including those who run the planet as we like to perceive it. But the biggest power that we have is to change ourselves by bringing more joy because it changes our resonance and that is how everything is changed. We would like to be of service to.

Michael: Indeed.

Question 3: I know, intellectually it is a great concept, but I think there is so much that has been invested in being of service to the outside almost to the point of sacrificing that, I think it will be a challenge.

Michael: It will be a challenge.

Question 3: to all of us.

Michael: All of you are challenged.

Question 3: I think for women it is a challenge and to bring it a little closer in saying, again, as women, you know we say yes, we love ourselves, we are so much more independent and stronger than our mothers were, but yet it is really hard not to run and take care of somebody else.

Michael: Indeed.

Question 3: And so you are saying the biggest service then to our children or our families or friends would be to just say screw it and just love ourselves so much that our resonance is so strong that it helps those to come to the same place naturally.

Michael: Indeed, and with life- all of you, as you proclaim that new identity for yourself it changes the relationship you have with everybody, everybody will be changed. Then it is that they will want to know how is it then that I fit within this new relationship. If it is with children, it becomes, ummm, very tender for in their world of duality, your self love will have many of them feeling rejected, abandoned. It is the feeling of not being loved, for in duality that love comes from another. If it was your choice to continue to experience your life in duality, then our teaching would be very different.

We would recommend that you live together with many like-minded people. That you store large quantities of food in your home. That you shift your basis into survival mode. For the conflict ahead would ask of you to bear arms. To confront that which will come to you from a place of fear. If you enjoy that reality then we would suggest that these are some of the actions you must take. And we are asking you, why would you want to be a part of that reality? For when you step into joy and give allegiance to it, you can share the same environment but have very different experiences.

In the past some of you believed we must save the planet, and indeed in saving the planet, we must take the burden of humanity on our shoulders and try to carry all that weight for the rest of humanity. For it is obvious that humanity does not have the maturity to do it for themselves. And it left you feeling exhausted, and it left you feeling resentful, and it left you feeling hopeless. For that is duality, and there is no future in duality. That is why you created Earth. For the galactic families of light and dark both agreed there is no future. There is no future in this.

We are trying to contain the very love that was asked to be uncontained. It cannot. It is dying. And so it is that we have finally- here at this time found the solution. Now the rest of the universe must come to Earth and experience all the delights of discovering their own light and dark room.

Who are the pioneers? You! All of you representing different galactic aspects of different universes. You are the grand ambassadors from many different cultures and civilizations. Coming here and representing that civilization that you left and is waiting for you to discover the solution. And when you do, then the gridlines that connect not only you to each other on this planet but connect every planet, all of life to each other, that solution ripples through all of life. To which all of life now is saying- Thank you! Now we can do thy father and mother’s will. Thy will be done. Go and be fulfilled by all of your creations.

We think we have worked enough tonight. This was our honor. We thank you all for allowing us to come into the privacy of your own personal homes. Share that love. Love is not an intellectual relationship. Love is so profound that it bypasses the mind altogether. The mind only catches the tail wind of it and tries to give voice to it.

We love you more than you know, and if you would love yourself starting tomorrow morning – if you would simply fall deeply in love with yourself, then you could feel how much we love you. Then you would know this more than just words. And so it is that we offer all of our blessings to each of you until next time that we meet through this one.

Archangel Michael