AA Michael ~ Creating New Relationships

This month of October has been a time of discovery. Discovering the way that you relate to yourself and to others. Many of you have been forced to face how you relate to those closest to you and are seeing for the first time the patterns of abuse, neglect and pain that have been so much a part of your relationships.

You are now being offered an opportunity to change these patterns with the coming of the Grand Quintile planetary alignment on the 28th October and the 11.11 stargate. You will be given the opportunity to consciously release and create new ways of relating that benefit your higher purpose as well as those around you.

Many of you are feeling much fear and anxiety about what you are β€œseeing” and are battling to find ways of changing these patterns and ways of being. We ask that you look closely at your lives and especially your relationships to self and others in the next two weeks and make the necessary choices to release and create. The old patterns have no place in the New Earth and therefore you will be unable to create healthy relationships without having released all of the β€œold” earth patterns. The time of choice draws near and we ask you to stand together and to accept the opportunity of change with excitement and joy.

Imagine, if you will, a place where there is unconditional love and acceptance of yourself and others, where there is no judgement, where there is no pain and this is the place that you are creating for all. We ask that you join in meditation on these very special days and work on releasing and creating new patterns for yourselves. These new patterns have been coded into the New Earth and are there for you to take on as your own; all that needs to happen is for you to choose.

We see that there are many of you who are lonely and afraid and it is time to move out of that space and reconnect with your soul families and find the support and love that will help you to follow your path with love, ease and joy. Know that we of the higher realms are here with you every step of the way and all we ask in return is for your faith and trust.

Your faith has been tested on many levels this past year and we tell you now that these tests where created by yourselves and you have a choice to move forward within yourselves and to grab hold of your power of love. The faith and trust that you need is within yourself and will be found at the source of your power. The solar plexus charka is the seat of your power and the last month has been a time of releasing and opening of this chakra you have felt it physically, mentally and emotionally and now it is time to feel it spiritually. Take back your power dear ones, you have the choice. We will stand with you and help you!

You are home our dear Earth Angels and all we ask is that you recognise this and accept it.

In love and light

AA Michael

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