AA Michael ~ Connecting with the Power of Who You Are: Blending Past, Present and Future

Beloved Ones – you are moving through a window of siginificant opportunity at this time. For many of you there is the possibility of fully aligning yourselves into the Present by healing your Past Lives to center in the Present and create the Future.

In your 3D world of the recent past, you incarnated into human bodies unaware of your past lives. This was another of the “veils” that hid your real identity from you. But as these veils are lifted now, you begin to see how many of you have lived out soul “habits” and “addictions” , whose source you could not locate. These “soul dramas” you called “life”, and you became fearful of “life”, feeling that so often bad or unhappy things happened to you for no reason.

As you began to awaken to who you were, you found concepts such as “karma” to help you to understand how energies from the past could influence your present lives. But, now that so many of you are fully awakened and ascended beings, you are no longer subject to “karma”.

Indeed, you are now ready to fully understand and integrate all your Past Lives and release their “hold” on you.This “Veil” is now lifted for you. Some of you may be working hard right now to release old soul “habits” or “addictions” that have their roots in Past Lives. Be aware that this window period, now, is an optimal opportunity for you to release all Past Life energies, finally, and to focus fully into the Power of Who You Are Now.

You need only to ask your guidance for this assistance from the Higher Realms, and we will work with you. Once these alignments are complete, you are ready to embrace the New earth and your divine creativity. This glorious future awaits you!

To move through this process requires only a willingness to allow old feelings and emotions to flow through you and be released. Do not hold onto any old energies. Just experience whatever feelings emerge and release them with love and forgiveness.

Be aware that underneath any and all “old karma” is a failure to love and honor yourself. So, in this process forgive yourself and be at peace with yourself. Love yourself enough to embrace the beauty of who you are and to see in the mirror of your soul your own shining grace and beauty. When you see this, you will be able to see it in others, and so be able to release all your feelings of anger and fear that get in the way of that love that is the centre of your being.

You will know when this process is complete, because you will feel yourself falling in love with yourself in the most beautiful way. You will see your grace and beauty and that of others. You will no longer judge yourself and others and you will experience only joy and love.

This is our gift to you at this time, Human Angels. We so hope that you will receive it and rejoice with us!

a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Celia Fenn

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