AA Michael ~ The Skill of Living in the Now

The world as a whole is changing so rapidly that many of you are battling to keep up. What happened yesterday is no longer relevant to today and what happened today will not be relevant tomorrow. The future doesn’t exist except in our minds where most of you spend so much time thinking, planning and worrying. The future to most of you is a space that causes fear, worry, anxiety and unhappiness. If only you would take our advice and look to the present to find the answers that you need instead of looking to the past and the future, two places that do not exist. Many of you still do not understand that the answers you so desperately search for are all to be found today, inside of yourself. But you are so busy thinking, planning and worrying that there is no quite space in your body to go to, to find the answers.

We cannot stress enough that the present is what is important. Time does not exist. It was something that was created by your world to control life, to control the way that you live and what you do during your life. You are all run by time – when to eat, when to sleep, the right age to go to school, the right age to marry, the right age to have children, etc. Instead of allowing the natural flow of life to lead you and to show you the right space for all that you need to do and accomplish.

Many of you do not have the patience to sit and to wait for the right time and energy to do whatever it is that you want to. You spend so much time striving for what you want and you waste so much of your energy. Imagine just waiting and watching for the right time, for the right opportunity to present itself. You miss so much by rushing through your life. Who of you notices the small things of your world? The ants collecting food, the bee collecting pollen, the flowers growing. You who are parents how much time to do take to just be with your children, to stop living life and to just exist with them? Who of you are trying so hard to get your children to grow up too fast to get through the different stages of a childโ€™s development because it is so time consuming? We urge you to remember that what actually counts is how you live your life today, the love that you have given and the love that you have received today.

Accept that the future will depend on how you have lived today. The energy that you have given out today will reflect the energy that awaits you tomorrow. Life moves at such a frantic pace that not many take the time to look, notice and see what is really happening to them or around them at the present moment. You are all so busy looking at what’s coming next and what if there is nothing there? How many of you would cope with knowing that tomorrow doesn’t exist? What if this was your last day on this beautiful planet called Earth? Could you honestly say that you have lived your life today?

a message fromย Archangel Michaelย channeled byย Kate Spreckley

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