AA Michael ~ Finding the Balance

This is an amazing time of truth and honesty. Truth about who and what you are and being honest with yourself and others. Now is the time to take a good honest look at yourselves and the lives that you lead. Are you being true to yourself? Does your life reflect that truth?? If not, it is now the time to make the necessary changes. The choice has been made by you and it is now time to accept the responsibility of that choice and to live your life through truth.Think of this time as a time of coming out, of finding yourself and the real person that resides in you all. The person that is the light and the love of God.

Many are experiencing a time of grief and loneliness as they let go of preconceived ideas of who and what they are meant to be. How you are meant to behave and how you are expected to live in this reality. Many are letting go of expectations that they created for themselves. Many are looking at the lives that they lead with confusion and fear as this isn’t what they want or where they want to be. Allow yourself to grieve and to feel the pain of letting go – it is important not to bottle these emotions as they will just surface again and will block your progress forward. Most of you have no idea who you are – we of the higher regions know. We know that you are filled with light and love, we know that you are powerful and we are excited to see the first signs that you are becoming aware of this powerful love that resides in you all. You are finally seeing it and we know that soon you will acknowledge it and move your life to become more in line with the love and light that is your true self.

This of course will take time and not everyone will see or acknowledge this part of themselves at the same time and we urge you to find the love and compassion in your hearts and to send this love and compassion out to those that you see are suffering. It is a time of sharing the gifts of love and light that you have. It is so important to spread as much of this around as possible. Anger and fear are no longer a part of your new earth and it is time to go out and share with the people of your earth. Just by being yourself, spreading your light and love you begin to help so many. Most of you do not realise how much of an impact your love and light has on the people around you. You don’t understand that just by walking around and being with others you are giving the light and love that is so necessary to help and to heal.

You who call yourselves “Lightworkers” have a responsibility to go out and to share your gifts, your love and your light. Accept that responsibility with grace and humility and do not worry about your financial issues or the abundance that you so rightly deserve. This will all come and the balance will be achieved. Leave the worry behind you and accept and trust that you are loved and cared for in every possible way. We will not let you suffer and all will be given to you. The frustrations and the worry that you have is blocking your path – release it and allow yourself to move forward and into the work that you have chosen to do!

We ask only that you feel love, joy, happiness and compassion for yourself and the people who share your earth with you. We support and love you unconditionally and look forward to watching the power of love lift you above all the “old world” problems and to a place of balance.

In love and lightness

Archangel Michael


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