AA Michael ~ A New Beginning and a New Earth

Tonight on this very special lunar eclipse you will see a washing away of the fears, turmoil, suffering and pain that you have been experience for the last few months. This meeting together of the sun and the moon heralds a new time in life, a new cycle of life. A cycle that will be filled with peace, love, harmony and abundance. Those of you who have been going through deep personal transformations will reap the harvests of your hard work and dedication to cleanse and purifying yourselves as well as those around you. A time of greater understanding of each other and of the earth itself will begin to dawn with the new day. Hope will fill all your hearts and a joy that hasn’t been felt in many months will begin to emerge. We of the higher realms are extremely pleased and excited with all of you and the work that you have accomplished. Let this time be one of joy and love. Let these emotions fill your heart and mind. We are overwhelmed with love and admiration for all that you have done for yourself, for others and for your planet. We are honored to be allowed to help and guide you during this time of transformation.

Many of you have been wondering what the point of all of this is pain, suffering and turmoil is. Well, we can only say that it is to create a new world, a new earth, one where everyone is in communion with each other and with nature. Where balance is achieved. This balance is one of the mind, body and spirit. A balance of all your energies, both masculine and feminine. Understand that you have now reached a time where you are in balance and so now you are ready to live this balance. To be and to speak your truth in every way. Many of you have been filled with sadness at things that seemed to have been removed, whether it be family, friends, material possessions or your own sense of identity. But the time is now for all of you to release the person that resides inside you all. The person that is connected and at one with the Divine. Allow this person to emerge, don’t fight it or this will result in more chaos and unhappiness. Because to deny yourself is to deny God as you are one with God, with the universe and with the earth.

Once again we urge you to remember who you are, we urge you to live who you are. We tell you again that we are here to help, to guide and to love all of you. Just call on us for our help and we will offer it. Whether you take that help is up to you, remember that you still have free choice and free will as those are the laws of the universe.

Many will start to go through what is called a “spiritual awakening” and those of you that are already “awake” will need to be ready to help and to guide those that have just “awoken”. It is time for you to start serving humanity and serving the planet. It is time for you to find what you call your “soul purpose” and to start living that purpose. You will find that things that have worked for you for so long, no longer serve you. Things that you have done and achieved will become meaningless and the urge to do “good” will be strong. You all need to take responsibility for your lives, the lives of others and the life of your planet and in doing this you will begin to serve God. In serving God you will find the strength that you need to walk tall and to feel proud of the person that you have become. In the past it was laughed at to say that you wanted to serve, but now not so many are laughing, they are joining in, they are making themselves ready for the service that they entered into when coming to earth again. Your time is up and the contract can no longer be extended. You are ready my dear ones – embrace yourself, embrace others and do not forget to embrace your earth!

In love and light Archangel Michael

a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Kate Spreckley

Celia Fenn and Starchild Global http://www.starchildglobal.com

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