AA Michael ~ Relationships in the New Energy

a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Celia Fenn

© 2006-19 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global http://www.starchildglobal.com

Archangel Michael through Kate Spreckley & Celia Fenn.

As we move into the New Energy, Relationships are going to be coming under increasing pressure. It will seem to many that their relationships are falling apart. Many will feel much love for their partner, but will be unable to make the relationship “work”.

This is because in the old energy, relationships were often based on roles and belief systems that no longer have any validity. You have changed, the world has changed. It makes sense that your relationships must change as well.

Relationships must move into a space of total freedom and sharing. They must be made up of two people who have found their “wholeness” and can share with each other on the basis of this wholeness.

Too many relationships are based on weakness, fear and co-dependency. Where any of these issues exist, they will be lifted into the light by the New Energies. There they can be transformed and healed.

So, you are urged to see relationship issues that arise now as opportunities to heal and transform your relationship into something more balanced that will allow both partners to express who they are and follow their dreams and passions while still enjoying their shared time and space.

But understand, that as you pass through this transition, many people will feel scared and lonely and lost. They will not understand why their relationships no longer “work” as they used to. Many people may start to behave “out of character” as deeply repressed and unacknowledged angers and fears surface. They will begin to say “I did not know that I felt that way.” This is healthy, as it will allow people to confront their true feelings, especially with regard to their relationships.

But many people will need help as they pass through this phase of release and balance. Some people will be so startled by the feelings that arise, that they may think they are suffering from “burn-out” or “going mad”. If you work with people, you may need to help them through these crises. But do not take on their energies, just allow them to be where they need to be, and help them to understand what is happening to them.

Some relationships will end. These will be the relationships where there is an imbalance. Where one partner supresses the other, or where both are “locked into” unhealthy patterns of repression and compromise. Where it is better for the two people to part and explore who they are in their own time and space.

But know, that if a relationship does end, it will be an opportunity for that person eventually to find someone else who will be more suited to their needs. And as we move more into wholeness with ourselves, many people will connect with soulmates, and the relationships that they will enjoy will be miraculous and will transcend physical time and space.

Yes, in the new energy, you will move towards “conscious relating”, where you will seek and find partners with whom you can explore and adventure on every level. And the relationships will be spontaneous and fun, and will not be “hard work” like so many relationships were in the past, when people battled to bring incompatible energies into balance out of a sense of duty or obligation.