4 Spiritual Healing Techniques I Use To Help Treat My Depression

Being sad is not easy. Being diagnosed as depressed is even worse.

When I first was diagnosed with depression in the Fall of 2011, I was just a 18-year-old kid starting out her journey as a freshman in college. I was in my dream university away from home with a partial scholarship and dreams as big as anyone else’s. I had nothing to be depressed about but I fell into it.

After suffering from emotions of loneliness, anxiety, helplessness, and much seclusion, I finally sought help. It was only about 2 weeks into these feelings that I visited my school’s mental health office, but I had no idea of what I was getting into. Once I received my diagnosis, I accepted the fact that I needed to start attending both individual and group therapy sessions.

Having attended therapy for about 2 years, I knew that getting control of my mental health was not the finish line. I learned that depression was a lifelong battle and that just like an addiction, relapsing was always a possibility. Because of this, I adopted four spiritual healing techniques to assist me in both times of need and my daily routine.

Amethyst Healing Gemstones

This is a fairly recent technique I have tried. Having gone through a major surgery where three benign tumors were removed from my abdomen this past January, the state of my physical health had a major strain on my mental health. Two amethyst stones were given to me by my grandmother. I began rubbing these two stones on each side of my head (respectfully) every time I felt my anxiety kicking in at home for a few minutes. Slowly but surely they helped ease the mental strain I was going through. I also have an amethyst bracelet I wear.

Incense Sticks

Sometimes the most relaxing place to be is in our home. Whether it be a long day of work, or just the general comfort of being in your home, being inside the four walls that you call your own is the best place to be. When you deal with mental health issues however, sometimes they can make you feel even more alone. That is why aromatherapy was a great therapy technique for me. Whenever I feel like my emotions are getting to be too much and I am at home, I alternate between burning incense sticks and lighting candles to ease my anxieties.

Meditation Books

As a precautionary measure, I enjoy reading meditation books and articles that help guide me during my meditation practices. While I have electronic media to help guide my meditation, I find that reading helps present everything from a stronger perspective. This is also a way to get mindfulness thinking in your day if you have the schedule that allows you to read bits and pieces.

Mindful Eating

Eating three meals a day is both important and recommended, but how many times do we eat one of these meals interrupted by the time constraints of the day, or events up ahead? After realizing, this I adopted a mindful eating diet. I eat between 5 to 6 times a day and proportion out my meals to both healthy and equal amounts each time. This gives me both something to look forward to and be thankful for.

With a more balanced eating schedule, I am also able to appreciate each and every piece of my meal and practice mindfulness while doing so, both through scanning my body and examining my five senses while I eat my meal.  In addition, I drink natural and organic teas.

While these techniques have helped maintain a healthy battle with depression, they are ultimately techniques that can be used by anyone to be in touch with both their spiritual and mental health.

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