Don’t Call Them If They Don’t Call You, And Don’t Wait For Them If They Don’t Wait For You – Women Who Know Their Value Swear By These Rules!

  1. Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  2. When you throw mud at someone else, you not only get your hands dirty, but you lose ground.

  3. Don’t ever doubt your attractiveness. Remember: the scale lies, people are jealous and the mirror is totally distorted.

  4. Don’t call them if they don’t call you, and don’t wait for them if they don’t wait for you.

  5. If they tell you that you’ve already missed the train, just remember that planes and boats still exist.

  6. Remember: Good things happen when you let negative people go.

  7. Don’t cry –* Distance yourself from people who make you cry. Never let other people’s actions destroy your inner peace.

  8. Never look back – You can’t change the past.

  9. Never compare yourself to others. Don’t compare your health, husband, children and salary.

  10. If you haven’t met anyone equal or better than you on your journey, keep walking.

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