“Never Speak Bad About Others”- 20 Native American Life Rules

The ethical codex of North American native people can inspire all of us to make important changes in the way we perceive life.

1. Rise together with the sun and pray. You can pray alone, in a group, and whenever you want. The great spirit only hears you if you speak.

2. Be patient with those who lost their way. You’ll encounter people who have fallen off the path. Pray that they will find guidance back to a good life.

3. Find yourself. No one else can make your path for you, though some may try. And remember, no one can walk your path for you. They can walk with you, but to no one can do it for you.

4. Respect the people that enter your house. Serve them with the best food, offer them the most comfortable bed and treat them with respect and kindness.

5. Never take what doesn’t belong to you. Whether it’s a person, a community, the nature or someone’s culture. It is not yours. It was not earned nor was it given.

6. Respect everything on Earth – be it animal, plant, fungus, person, or place; treat everything with respect.

7. Respect other people’s opinions and wishes. Don’t mock or interrupt. Respect the expressions and experiences of others. Allow every person to have their own opinion.

8. Never speak bad about anybody. Negative energy you’re sending out to the universe will come back to you stronger.

9. We all make mistakes. Forgive the Mistakes.

10. Negative thoughts create physical mental and emotional damage. So practice positive thoughts and mindfulness.

11. Nature doesn’t belong to us, we belong to Mother Nature. Nature is part of our Global family.

12. The children are our future. Plant love in their hearts. Guide them with wisdom and teach them about life. Give them space while they’re growing up.

13. Avoid hurting other people’s hearts. The pain will backfire.

14. Always speak the truth. The truth sets us free.

15. Keep your balance. Ensure your mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional self are all cared for and balanced. Work on your spiritual growth to heal your emotional wounds.

16. Take responsibility. Make a conscious decision about what you will become, what actions you will take and how you will stand behind those actions.

17. Respect other people’s privacy and personal space. Remember, you’re a guest in the personal space of others. Don’t mess with their things.

18. Be confident. You can’t nurture and help others if you aren’t being true to yourself first.

19. Respect other people’s religious beliefs. Never force your beliefs upon anybody.

20. Share you happiness.

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