Every Person We Meet In Life Is Our Mirror. Here’s What They Teach Us

I want you to stop the chaos and infinite movement in your life for a moment, and take a deep breath.

As you are inhaling, let your thoughts fly towards all the people in your life, no matter how many of them there are. It doesn’t matter. As you are exhaling, start navigating through your emotions and think about each and every of those people.

Now tell me, what have you experienced?

You may felt pleasant emotions like love, safety, admiration and respect. On the other hand you might have experienced hatred, jealousy, pain, fear, anger, agitation, frustration and shame. Even though we’re prone to seeing one set of emotion as good, and another spectrum as bad,  I want you to accept every emotion that appears. Just let all of them exist.

Don’t stop yourself from judging. Let it flow up and down. My experience taught me that judgement is crucial when it comes to spiritual development and growth.

So, the one thing that we all need to remember is that every person we meet in life is our mirror. They all reflect some essential trait of our existence. These people are a reflection; our biggest teachers. With the way we treat them we simply portray the relationship we have with ourselves.

So why don’t you just take a minute and think about all the things that you like or don’t like with other people. Go deep, see the bigger picture and you’ll realize that what you like or don’t like in other people, is actually what you approve or disapprove in yourself.

If I don’t like you because you are angry all the time, I don’t like myself for feeling anger towards your anger.

If I reproach you for treating me bad, I reproach myself for treating me bad.

Do you see now that every external action correlates with its internal counterpart, and vice versa?

Every person in our life is a potential teacher. These are some of the lessons you can learn from the negative emotions that people provoke in you.

Anger =I need to see the bigger picture of the world.

Grief = I need to learn to accept life and reconnect with my center.

Fear = I need to accept that I can’t control everything.

Hatred = I need to give myself love and forgiveness, so I can give it to others.

Shame = I need to explore my dark side and what I have suppressed.

Blame = I need to take responsibility.

Jealousy = I need to respect the situation that I am in.

Guilt = I need to introspect and see where and why I lost touch with the truth.

Irritability = I need to respect other people’s needs while I’m respecting mine.

At the end of the day, the spiritual growth and development of our soul depends on how we perceive and react to people in our lives. Once you’ve learned that you are a student of life, you will stop being victim of the circumstances.

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