Rare Lunar Event – A Black Moon Coming On September 30

This Friday, the energy-packed black moon will turn the skies dark.

A black moon occurs every 32 months. The event happens when the Earth’s shadow illuminates the moon and makes it almost invisible. However, not everybody can see the black moon at the same time. It actually depends on where you live in the world. This week it can be observed in the skies of the Western Hemisphere, while people who live on the other side of the world will have to wait until next month to see a Black Moon. For them it will happen either on October 30th or October 31st.

This September’s new moon is all about new opportunities and positive aspects. With the birth of a new moon, comes time that brings new positive energies. That’s why the days around September 30th will carry extremely favorable vibrations.

The black moon is a excellent time for letting go of things that have been holding you back for a while. During the last months, the position and movement of the majority of the celestial bodies didn’t create favorable conditions for anybody on earth. Many planets going retrograde affected many aspects of our lives and brought up unresolved problems and issues that we have been hiding under the carpet.

However, slowly we are getting back on the right track, and the excellent position of the planets supporting the Black moon proves it right.

On another note, according to conspiracy theorist and religious fanatics, a black moon is a herald of our doomsday. The internet if overloaded with ‘believers’ quoting the Bible and spreading fear about the end of the world.

They refer to the fact thet earlier this month we witnessed a ring of fire moon, what they interpret as one of the signs that thebday we will all meet our creator is comming soon.

To sum up, the black moon event happening this Friday 30th will bring many opportunities and positive energy. We assure you that nothing bad will happen on a major scale. You can sleep in peace and enjoy these couple of positive and energy-packed days.