Old And Young Souls: How Long Have You Been In The Material World – Find Out In This Guide

They say life is a journey- a school that teaches us important lessons.

But why? Have you ever thought about the possibility that the lessons we accumulate and learn in this life we take with us to the next life as well?

Is it possible that our life is not just a journey – accumulating experiences, making progress or expanding- but actual conscious existence? Is it possible that reincarnation is responsible for our worldview and the important decisions we make in life?

What is it that makes us so different? What is it that makes a person too wise for their age, or another to act as a child regardless of their years?

It doesn’t matter if you believe in reincarnation or you are just taking it into consideration, you will understand that the following Theory on the edge of the Soul (the time is spent in the material world) applied to so many different people in your life.

What actually is the age of the Soul

People don’t have only one life. We are not our bodies. We- our souls- have bodies. That means that we are souls that In This Moment are having a Human Experience. Right now we’re leaving in the material world in a material body and our souls are expanding and growing and learning through it. The soul goes through different levels of progress during its reincarnations.

As the soul moves up the hierarchical ladder, it pays off the karmic debt and makes progress. In the end, it returns to God through self-knowledge, accomplishing final enlightenment.

Some people call this state Nirvana heaven or Paradise.

Five phases of the Soul

Understanding the different levels of existence is useful for accomplishing empathy acceptance and insight. These are all key steps for making progress in our internal evolution or involution.

Below you can find 5 phases of the Soul from beginner to advanced. 

1. Youngest Souls ( the newborn phase )

Basic goal: stay alive

Lessons: basic skills, survival, mortality, corporeality.

Age comparison: 0-4

Key characteristics: raw, Untamed, playful, excited, simple, cautious, childish, dependent of the group.

These souls usually perceive others in a childish and innocent way. Your understanding of the world and life is really simple and naive.

Orange soles find it hard to adjust to the civilized society. And they prefer Clans tribes and groups of people, as well as wild Untamed surroundings.

2. Child soul phase

Basic goal: to fit in

Lessons: social structures, rules, roles, interpersonal relationships.

Age comparison: 4-13

Key characteristics: Harmony, discipline, obedience, Defined roles, absolutism, tradition, strong values.

These people look for sense order and stability in the chaotic and unpredictable nature of life. They perceive others as pure and modest.

Child Souls can be really conservative they stick to rules and religion. Their moral stands are defined by their culture and traditional moral and religious views.

3. Young sous.

Basic focus: independence

Lessons: personal growth, free will, self realization.

Age comparison: 13-29

Key characteristics: ambition, competitiveness, creativity, financial stability, freedom, individualism, self-centeredness, self expression.

Younger teenage post in a manner of  “my way or no way”. Young adolescent Souls seek for Independence social status and material wealth.

Basically these people are agents of change and they’re responsible for the biggest progress we’ve made. The focus of their attention is external and they tend to be Workaholics.

4. Mature Souls

Basic Focus: Harmony among people

Lessons: compassion, mental and emotional stability, self-awareness, relationships

Age comparison: 29-55

Key characteristics: perceptive, curious, neurotic, diplomatic, introspective, cooperative.

They seek interpersonal and mental unity in life. They’re often perceived as neurotic but caring. It’s on the inside and many times struggle with the complexity or Simplicity of life.

Mature souls are liberal Visionaries. For them life isn’t just a Survival anymore. They’re not about clean your room we’re having some material gain. What’s important are compassion empathy friendship and understanding.

5. Old souls

Basic Focus: spiritual fulfillment

Lessons: unattached, independent, give good advice, spiritually awaken.

Key characteristics: isolation, spirituality, Independence, philosophy, empathy, lack of motivation

At the end of the Incarnation cycle comes the old soul. After it had gone through the four previous phases of existence, photo already has a well round up knowledge of society, relations and the world as a whole.

They radiate depth, serenity and wisdom, and they’re focused on self-realization.

Where do you think you belong?