AA Michael! ~ The Eternal Now Moment ~ Messages from Archangel Michael


The Now moment is the most important moment you will ever experience. It is so for this lifetime, it is so for every lifetime you have experienced on planet earth, it is so for all your magnificent journeys and travels through all of creation, throughout eternity. In the higher realms, there is no time. Time is an illusion of the third dimension. As you move through the fourth and into the fifth dimension, time is speeding up and will soon merge with the Still Point of creation.

The still Point of creation is the eternal Now, the God moment, the All That Is. This moment is a moment of Love for all eternity. As you enter this moment of the Still Point you will find that time has ceased and was an illusion of the linear third dimension. In the eternal Now moment, everything happens all at once, everything is fluid and circular, just as you understand the circular flow or the Law of Circle in the third dimension. It is on a much grander scale when you are in the eternal Now moment. All life expands in this circular movement, ever expanding, ever changing, ever fluid.

As you learn to remain in the Now moment, you will find that you have expanded your personal power for creating. The Now moment is the only moment where you have power. We have told you this on many occasions. The past is complete, the future is yet to come, and the Now is the moment of the All That Is. When you hold your thoughts in the Now, you may then consciously choose, in this Now moment, to lift yourself up to the vibrations of the fifth dimension, the Elixir of Life, the vibrations of Love. Go into you Pyramid of Power in this heightened state, and create your miracles, Dear Ones. All of the joys, the gifts, the miracles of creation are awaiting you, but you must create for the highest good of all.

Be one pointed, and focused and never wavering from this Now moment. You will remain empowered, in Love, and in control of your thoughts and emotions. You will be able to rise above the illusion of the third dimension, the pain and suffering, and the fear. Do not look around you at all the fear and chaos occurring on your beloved earth. Look around you and see the changes that are bringing empowerment of free will to your brothers and sisters. Hold your thoughts upon the outcome for the highest good of all. Hold your thoughts upon awakening and ascension for all. Remain in the Now moment as you focus on this grand thought form. You are making the game up as you go, Dear Ones. Only you ultimately decide the end results and the outcome of this glorious illusion of the game you have been playing. Only you can decide to experience the highest outcome possible and then go about your business each day, in the Now moment, holding this thought form for new creation.

The choice is yours Dear Ones, the eternal Now moment is available to each and every one of you. It is not awaiting you in the fifth dimension. It is the Now, in the Now. There is only this eternal Now. Place your focus in your heart center, and remain in this Now. When you find yourself wavering and distracted, simply say to yourself “return to center”. You will instantly bring yourself back into your heart center, into the Now moment.

All your greatest desires, your greatest hopes in alignment with your highest good are created effortlessly and easily when you remain focused, one pointed, in the Now moment. It is so simple Dear Ones, but you must take the time and diligently bring your Self back in to this Now moment when you stray.

Sit quietly, breathe deeply, and focus on this Now moment, in your Sacred Heart. Breathe deeply and expand this vibration of the Now, out to fill your field, through your heart center, front and back. Breathe the expansion of this moment down into mother earth. Breathe this Now moment into your expanded fields, yours and mother earth. Sit quietly and feel this expansion of the Now. When you are ready, breathe deeply and expand the vibrations of the Now out to all creation. Feel the expansiveness, the oneness with all creation in this Now moment. It is all there is, and it is the All That Is, and it is the Now, and you are this expansiveness. Sit quietly in the magnificence, for it is truly who you are. You are one with all creation.

I am ever near to guide you in this magnificence, this remembering of who you are as you return to your rightful place in the higher realms.

I Am Archangel Michael, and I bring you these Truths.

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