AA Michael! ~ 2009 Angels’ New Year Message ~ Messages from Archangel Michael


“2009 will present many opportunities for growth, especially in the beginning of the year,” Archangel Michael said to me loudly and clearly. When I asked him to explain further, he said that some might face challenges along the same lines as we experienced in latter 2008. Many will be pushed into changing their lives . . . always for the better.

Michael has continuously advised us to release or heal anything that’s NOT aligned with your inner truth and integrity. In plain language, this means facing any part of your life that you’re unhappy with, such as job, relationship, health, home, etc. Adjust the situation so that you feel happier, or leave it, or replace it. Those who ignore unhappiness and continue to stay in unhealthy situations will have the situation taken care of by the universe, such as losing the job or relationship by “outside” circumstances. What appear to be losses are really a balancing of energy, helping us to come into alignment with our truth.

If you’re ready to heal, leave, or replace an unhealthy situation, now is the time and the angels will lend ample support. All they need is your permission and your willingness to think outside the box. Allow surprising solutions to occur and notice your intuitive guidance, including signs from above. The strength of heaven’s help is at its peak when you step out of the way – so please let go and let God.

Keep your motivation for these changes based upon the solid knowledge that every one of God’s children (and that definitely includes you!) is a being of love. Everyone’s needs can be provided for in gentle and loving ways, but it will require our faith in that fact for us to all experience this as a reality.

As you surround yourself with loving relationships, a love-based career, and gentle situations, your true inner nature feels safe to express itself. And your true inner nature knows how to take care of yourself in all ways.

Trust your feelings, and never discount any sense of unease or unhappiness that you feel, for it is an indicator that something is wrong or off-balance. Ask for heavenly help with inspiration and guidance, and lean upon the angels’ ego-less light if your thoughts are dimmed with fear.

Fortunately, since so many people are simultaneously undergoing readjustments, there is ample support and empathy around you. Reach out to other people, both to give and to receive help. This is a time for people to band together in unified strength and shared vision.

Yet as much as you may receive your wish to have a changed life, these changes can bring up insecurities. Change is threatening to the ego, which believes security comes from clinging and attachment.

Archangel Michael reminds us that everything that’s alive changes and grows constantly! Trees, flowers, animals, and people – everything is in a constant state of change, movement, and growth. So do not fear growth, but instead enjoy the ride and continuously ask for – and be accepting of – support. Remember that any change you make which is aligned with your inner truth, is always a healthy improvement.

You may wonder: “Will I be okay? Will I be able to pay the bills? Will I be alone?” and other worries. Yet, Archangel Michael assures us that everyone’s needs are taken care of, as long as they are willing to follow the inner guidance which leads you always safely to shelter, food, and happiness. Ask Michael for additional courage and strength to healthfully change your life.

2009’s opportunities are springboards for you to leap into the changes that you’ve been dreaming about. You don’t have to be stuck in any area of your life, but can use the momentum of this great time in our history to propel yourself and your energy into healthy movement. 2009 is a year to take chances and risks, and to truly follow your own inner guidance – even if others don’t understand or agree.

Michael does show me continued improvements in the world’s economy and environment. He shows me that the suffering that some people experience, brings about new levels of spiritual foundation, compassion, cooperation, charitable generosity, and sensitivity. All of these qualities help the collective forces of the world to continue their upward spiral – what some call ascension – to embrace the healthier, more compassionate, and gentler ways of living together on this planet.

Michael says: “I am in the midst of unrest, within the quiet moments which you can always access no matter what’s going on within or around you. I will lift up your heart above the din and strife and allow you to regain perspective, so that you can see the bigger picture which always contains good news.”

Michael says that it’s not whether you have issues to deal with, but HOW you deal with them that’s important. Living love-based doesn’t mean an absence of issues, but it does mean that you approach them with love . . . thus healing the issues rapidly and miraculously.

Overall, 2009 is an important, positively life-altering, and meaningful year. Ultimately, your personal outlook is the most vital ingredient in determining how 2009 will treat you. After all, 2009 is not a year; it’s a series of moments. And each moment that you steep in love, will be a moment that you can cherish always.

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