AA Michael! ~ Is the Darkness Winning? ~ Messages from Archangel Michael


What is described as the battle between the darkness and the light is not a battle at all, it is a choice for humanity to make from the two different paths that have always been available to it. The path of the Light leads to unconditional love, the path of the Darkness leads to fear. At this time humanity is being presented with the choice of which path to take and there is no more middle ground. Each being must commit to the amount of Light they are willing to carry. The choice between dark and light is another aspect of the choice between fear and love and is part of the polarity energy of the material plane.

As more people agree to the path of the Light there are fewer people to hold the energy of the darkness. It may seem, for a time, that the dark is gaining ground as the actions of those holding this energy become more desperate and more pronounced. That is not because the dark is winning; it is because there a larger gap between the two energies and those who are willing to hold the dark energy will hold more of it than before. And those who hold the light have turned away from the darkness so they are more aware of the difference between these two energies.

Even the Earth is facing this choice and there is an enormous cleansing energy that is being activated to clear old vortexes, replacing grids that were capable of holding the darker energies with those that can hold a higher vibration and even moving Lightworkers into areas that need their vibration or are more receptive of their light. As the earth goes through this cleansing you may experience fear and wonder whether you will be in the path of danger. You will be guided to where you need to be at the right time.

This is not a foretelling of the catastrophic prophecies you may have heard as those do not need to happen when enough of humanity chooses the path of the Light. Those who accept the darkness as their path have made a choice to experience its transmutation and they will have to live through all aspects of the shift of this energy. As each of you have experienced the Shift you have seen upheaval in different aspects of your life. Through your transformation you have initiated the energies that allow all of the material plane the opportunity to choose the light. All is well and in divine order and you and the planet are ascending into higher vibrations. Be at peace, hold your own light and know that you are protected and guided in all you do.

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