AA Michael! ~ The Energies for September 2008 ~ Messages from Archangel Michael

The New Beginning : Infinite Love Embodied as Heaven on Earth

Beloved Lightworkers, what a time for celebration! In this past month of August 2008, the frequency of Planet Earth was raised to levels higher than have ever been experienced by this Planet before, allowing for the anchoring of the New Earth archetypes for Infinite Peace and Abundance. The New Earth is fully established in Earth’s Higher Dimensions, and it now only remains for you to embody that Infinite Love as Heaven on Earth, and to manifest the Paradise Codes into active reality.

We can only say that here, in the Realms of Light, we honor and celebrate what was achieved on Earth in August by you. So many of you joined together around the Planet to facilitate the Reception and Anchoring of the Golden Flame as it flooded your Planet with the Golden Light of Compassionate and Unconditional Love. This was channeled into the Earth’s Crystalline Grids and the Earth’s Heart grids through your willingness to serve the Light and to become Channels for the Light.

Beloved Lightworkers, this is indeed a New Earth and a new place. Nothing in your past will serve as a model for where you are now. You have moved far beyond Atlantis and Egypt and even Lemuria, into a new place and a New Beginning. Those of you who are awakened are ready to acknowledge that you are the Divine Essence in Human Form, that you are a spark of Creative Divinity within a material body, and that your work is to Co-Create a New World with Spirit. You know, and Feel deep within, the Diamond Light of God that lives within your Heart. And, as you acknowledge that Light within yourselves and others, you are ready to embody Infinite Love on Earth and to carry the Joyous frequencies of Heaven on Earth.

It is Now, Beloved Lightworkers, at this time, that your Physical Body will activate the Paradise Codes and will begin to align with the Higher frequencies of Unconditional Love. This will allow you to move through life with Grace and Beauty, and to create Peace and Abundance in your lives on Earth.

It is Now, that you will begin to understand how to manifest Abundance from your Desires and Intentions without any struggle or hardship. You will learn to manifest Health and Balance and Love in your lives. You will learn how powerful it is to align with the Inner Power of your Clear Channel to Source. For, when you are clearly aligned to Source, then your Desires will Flow into Manifestation and you will expereience the Great Joy of Heaven on Earth.

Beloved Ones, this is a time of Transition. Be gentle with yourselves as you move into Higher Dimensional Life. Know that sometimes the Flow may be easy as you work with the Miracles of Creative Manifestation, and sometimes it will be a little difficult as you may briefly drop into old frequency addictions and fear habits. This will be because many around you will still be in the frequecnies of fear and they may briefly shift you from your center. If this happens, just gently move back into the Higher Frequencies of Love and Peace. It is so important that you embody this Radiant Light so that others may experience Higher Frequencies and learn to align with these energies. We would say that at this time, your major work is to hold your Joy and Peace so that others may experience these energies through you.

Beloved Ones, each one of you is an “energy transmitter” for the New Earth energies and the New Earth Codes. You will find that people will be drawn to you to experience the Higher Frequencies in your voice, your eyes and your touch. A simple smile or hug can transmit the power of Unconditional Love to another who is lost and seeks. Do not underestimate the power of your Light right now. The more you can shine your inner Diamond Light, the more you can do to awaken that Diamond Light and radiance in the Hearts of Others. For know, that from this point onwards, the Awakening will not be so much a matter of “knowledge” and “information”, as of “feeling” and “love”. It is not what you do or teach that will count, it is what You Are and the Love that you transmit to others by your Loving Presence. Indeed, the awakened soul is a Master Soul, and is able to transmit Unconditional Love to others. Beloved Ones, at this time of New Beginnings, it is time to claim your Spiritual Mastery and Be that transmitter or clear channel for Divine Unconditional Love.

People will feel the the Peace and Love in your Radiance, and they will respond by opening to the Inner Radiance and Peace within themselves. Beloved Ones, in this New Earth, at this time of New Beginnings, Energy, Frequency and Radiance are the tools that will open Hearts and awaken Souls. And, the Higher Dimensional energies are Joy and Love and Peace. As you live in these energies, so you align with the New Earth energies and you express the New Earth, and so Abundance flows naturally into your life with Passion and Commitment and Joy!

Some of you may say that you are tired now, and that you see no changes in your lives. You still struggle to manifest Abundance and Love. We will say to you, do not be discouraged after all your work, know that you ready to make the breakthrough. Know, Beloved Ones, that you cannot seek the changes in the Outer World if you have not first made them within, for all experience is an outer projection of inner reality, thought and belief. The essence of the Great Shift is an Inner Shift, from the old patterns of thought and belief to new patterns of Love, Trust and Acceptance. Perhaps, at this time, many of you are still in the process of releasing old patterns and allowing yourselves to fully connect with Inner Divinity as it expresses itself in Peace and Joy. Beloved Ones, it has never been easier to make that Connection to Inner Divinity than Now! It does not require years of meditation and discipline, it requires only that you make the Choice and set the Intention and that you Align yout thoughts and beliefs with that Choice and Intention. There are no great secrets and no great mysteries, it is a very simple truth that is available to all at this time!

Beloved Ones, having made that choice, be open to Receive. Know that You Are Worthy to receive all the Joy and Abundance that is your birthright in the New Earth. Karma is released, there is no need to suffer in order to learn. In this New Earth, you learn through Joy and Bliss and the Expansion of your Being into ever more Loving and Powerful states of Grace. Learn how to see everything in life as Love and Grace, release fear and resistance, and move into Gratitude and Appreciation. It is Gratitude that will ensure that the Flow of Abundance continues, for the Divine Intelligence within the Flow responds to Gratitude by pouring out ever more Love and Blessings, as much as you are willing to receive and share, for the Divine Intelligence of Abundance uses You also as a channel for the Infinite expansion of Abundance. Do not resist the process or close it off for fear of lack and loss, for these are illusions in the New Earth and you do not seek to live in illusion any longer.

Know that Now, more than ever before, your world reflects YOU! What you see “out there” is a direct reflection of what beliefs and thoughts live in your Heart. With wisdom, use your experience to refine your beliefs and choices, until you manifest your Heart’s desire in your life. Know that it will become easier as you become more skilled in making choices from the Heart and aligning intention with Higher Will and allowing youself to receive from Spirit through the process of Surrender and Gratitude.

Now, we will end this message by offering some suggestions that may help you to align with the Miraculous Energies and Unconditional Love of the New Earth. In this past month, we visited Glastonbury in England and we will be in Southern France with our channel in October. This is to activate and connect with the Grail Code energies and the energies of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the Twin Flame role models, and the energies of Arthur and Guinevere and Avalon, the beloved Glass Island of Light. Beloved Ones, Great Love abd Passion, the energies of the Twin Flame, and the mystical places where Heaven meets Earth, are very important right now. In these energy vortexes, you will be raised in frequency and awareness as you experience the Deep Passion of Heavenly Twin Flame Love manifest in Human Form and the frequency “memories” of these archetypes that will lift you into an energetic space where you are prepared for the incoming frequencies of the New Earth. You can make these connections by visiting these places, or by energetically connecting with them in your meditations and group work.

Equally, we say that in the New Earth, the practice of Ceremony, Ritual and Invocation will be important ways of honoring the Earth and sharing Intention as a Group. We can only emphasize that it is so powerful to come together as a Group in Radiant Light to share the Intention of Peace and Love with the Earth. This intention is amplified many fold through the power of Intention and Energy shared at the Higher levels. It is such Gatherings of Light that will become the focus of continued Awakening to Higher Consciousness in the New Earth.

The Energies for September 2008

September will be a quiet month to allow for the integration and balancing of energy on the Planet after the major Light anchorings of August 2008. The Full Moon falls on the 15th of September and will be in Pisces, a Water Sign. This will indeed be a powerful time to do a Water Ceremony with the Intention of activating the Paradise Codes and bringing the Highest Frequencies of Love and Gratitude into the Water Bodies of the Planet.The New Moon will be on the 29th of September and this will be in Libra. The Libra energies represent Balance, Harmony and Relationship, and this is always a good time to meditate on Harmony within your Life Relationships and to plant seeds for more Harmony and Love.

Mercury goes retrograde between the 24th of September and the 14th of October, so it a time to be calm and peaceful, and to be cvareful about all decisions and choices that you make.

Pluto is still in Sagittarius, conjunct the Galactic center, powering the Great Shift and Transformation. But, at this time, Jupiter is in Capricorn and Saturn in Virgo, meaning that the lens of Transformation now focusses into the Material Plane of Earth herself. It is indeed time to embody Infinite Love and to bring Heaven to Earth.

Beloved Lightworkers, in this Miraculous time, we wish you Joy and Playfulness on your continued Adventure of Light. May you experience All that your Heart desires in Love and Gratitude!


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