AA Michael! ~ Earthlog: Shifting the Internal Point of Gravity – When the Mind can find no answers the Heart must Speak ~ Messages from Archangel Michael


Well, here I am back home in Cape Town, South Africa, once again. It is good to be back home and to connect with my friends here. Europe was wonderful, and very beautiful in its fall colors, and I enjoyed being with all the wonderful Lightworkers. But, it is good to be back where the sun is shining and it the late spring days are warm and the garden is still green.

I was urged to write this Earth Log entry the day after I landed in Cape Town, for Archangel Michael expressed concern at the number of people who are going into fear and crisis as this shift gets into full gear, so to speak. The center of functioning of the Human is shifting from the Head to the Heart. The Mind can no longer cope with the accelerated pace of change, and it can no longer provide that sense of security that it did when we lived in the structures of the Third Dimension. Heart time seems much faster than Mind time, and we are still learning how to pace our lives so that we can live in the flow of Heart energy without burning ourselves out with the intensity.

For, in the flow of “Heart Time”, all feelings and emotions seems more intense as they are experienced both in the heart and the mental and emotional bodies. I would like to share with you two things that I feel are relevant for us right now. The first was a synchronicity – I opened a new 2008 Diary that I bought this morning, and on the first page was this quote from writer Joseph Campbell: ” We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” In other words, we must release all expectations created by the mind and allow the Heart and our Higher Self to lead us into the life that is what our heart and soul desires. The mind must release its hold and allow the heart and soul to become the center of gravity in the New Earth.

The second is a dream that I had in about 2001, when I first began the transformation channels with Archangel Michael. I dreamt that I was travelling along a road, and that all of a sudden it ended and there was nothing. I was standing at the edge of a cliff, and I knew that in order to move forward I would need to be able to fly. Become a Human Angel, in other words. And “flying” means to be able to live from the Heart, from that sense of “Oneness” and “Connection” that is the essence of the Fifth Dimension. The road represented linear time in the third dimension, and then, there was only a leap into the unknown…that is where we are now…learning how to fly.

But, in order to do this, we need to exercise our “wings” and our “heart muscle” and not let the mind continue to dominate our lives with fear illusions. For, in this new place of Creativity and Personal Power, where you focus your energy becomes what you create. So, if you focus on fear and anger and depression, that is what you will create.

Archangel Michael is aware that the intense pace of the changes has placed great pressure on all of you. This is unfortunately a “human” reaction to the pressures of social evolution. Can you accept that All is in Divine Order, and that there is a Greater Being who is leading this process? Can you accept that you have reached the point where you are able to enter into your new center of gravity and accept your power and create something new? Or will you fall into fear and believe that things are out of control?

Well, about a month ago I did, I felt like I was just spinning out of control and everything was going too fast. I just could not keep up. Well, I stopped trying, and allowed life to lead me a little. The results were interesting. I found my heart opening and my feelings became more intense, and more difficult to cope with because of their intensity. When the Heart opens fully, life becomes very intense and very deep. At this point we can fall into dramas, or we can take our power and know that what we are creating is in perfect order for us.

We are emerging as a “New Species”…we are living side by side with the ideas of the old. The old species was dominated by the mind, the new species is centered on the Heart. It is this new center that will create a global society based on Unconditional Love. It will come. We can contribute by learning to be “in our hearts” and learning to release the mind’s fears and to replace them with the heart’s love.

Flying home on the plane, I watched a movie called “Evan Almighty”. It is a comedy that had quite poor reviews, and so I wasn’t sure whether to watch it or not. I was delighted by the message. There was a man who went “out of his mind” to follow his heart, or what God told him in his heart. And of course, his life fell apart and everyone thought he was nuts, despite the miracles that kept happening. Basically, he was told to build an ark in a modern recreation of the Noah story. But, as “God” points out to him, “ark” stands for “acts of random kindness”, and it is this upon which the changes in his life are built. And so it is the Heart that will show the way, and we will begin to learn the creative power of random acts of kindness, instead of the destructive power of the mind and its fear stories.

So, exercising our heart muscle means to focus our attention into the heart and to begin to see where we can exercise random acts of love and kindness and joy. Where we can let go of what the mind creates – fear, depression, anxiety, addiction….and move to what is real, the deep love that is the fabric of all creation. For we were created in love and we are love. That is what is real in this new place. If we can turn off what is not real, and focus on what is real, we will begin to get the idea. We will begin to do “the dance”, as the movie ends with the “God” figure issuing an 11th commandment for all humans to do the “dance”…which becomes a joyous celebration of life itself and of our creative essence. Dance…sing….paint…write….make music…do the dance in whatever way you can.

If you can dance in your heart, you can create a new reality. And each one of us knows how to dance, we have just forgotten because we have spent so long in our heads thinking that we have fogotten how to move and dance and be in the sacred spiral of creation, where there is nothing to fear, only the experience of the deep joy of Existence and Gratitude for All That Is.

And so…here are two images from my Europe trip. The first was taken in Almere, Holland, at our Equinox labyrinth ceremony, it is me with a lovely lady who came to the ceremony. The energy was too much for her, and she fainted. But she got up and was determined to finish her walk. She was a Lightworker and she was going to hold her Light. Here she is with me after the ceremony, both of us with our roses and filled with joy of what we had created together:



Here are some images taken of the “Green Cathedral” which is in Almere Hout, also in Holland. As I was walking there with my friends Jeanne and Martin, we were “attacked” by a swarm of lovely red ladybugs…they walked all over us. We just had to laugh and laugh and laugh…..and that helped us to enjoy the space of the Green Cathedral, which is a work of art consisting of trees planted in the form of a gothic cathedral. It is quite an experience:





So, in these changing times, trust, love and laugh….all will be well. The Earth Knows what she is doing and we are being led to a New Reality. We can all contribute by shining our Light and Being Who we Are. The more we find Joy and Love within ourselves…the brighter our Light will shine. The more we move into fear, the less light we radiate. It is choice, and it is not an easy one right now. But, we as Lightworkers have made this choice and it is our time to shine our Light through Love and Joy and “dancing the dance”.



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