AA Michael! ~ Earthlog for June 12th ~ Messages from Archangel Michael


I think it was American poet Walt Whitman who coined the term the “body electric” in his long poem, “Leaves of Grass”. I vauguely remember Irene Cara singing about it in the movie called “Fame”. Anyway, many people have written to me recently asking about how to cope with the increased electrical energy in the body. This ranges from new born babies with seizure problems, to adults having to take anti-epilepsy medication to deal with convulsions and other symptoms.

Well, all I can say is that as consciousness raises and the frequencies that we receive in our bodies rise, so does the electrical “voltage” that our bodies have to handle. Some people’s bodies just seem to have more difficulty dealing with the increased voltage. It does seem to place increased pressure on the nervous system, ranging from mild electrical currents in some to full blown convulsions in others. My feeling is that the body is learning to adapt to the increased load.

There is a reason for this, as Archangel Michael explained to me in the work I did on this about 18 months ago. So I am going to refer you to this link, where you can read about the meaning and significance of the increased electrical energies and the changes in the water on the planet: Click here for: Blueprint for a Blue Planet.

I am not really sure what is the best way to handle these problems. I have found that using homeopathic remedies for the energy overload on my own nervous system tends to work best. Interestingly, the remedies I use are both derived from poisonous substances that do cause convulsions in their pure state. Working on the “like cures like” approach of homeopathy, I find they do bring relief without actually blocking whatever physiological and biochemical changes my body may be making as a result of the increased energies. But please note that these remedies were selected by my homeopath who is also a trained medical doctor. It is important that you have help in finding the right remedy for you and the symptoms that your body is presenting.

People do ask me to “just ask Archangel Michael”, but I think we need to understand that looking after our bodies is our responsibility. Spirit works with the spiritual changes and shifts, but we have to discover what works best for our bodies. It is, after all, a co-creation in which we have agreed to take on our mastery and work with Spirit as Master Creators. I spent some time today with a friend who is also a trained medical doctor and works as a spiritual counsellor. Her perspective was that being accepting of the changes and keeping a positive attitude helps the body to integrate. After all, if you are fearful and resistant, then your body is tense, and this makes it difficult for the body to integrate and process as it needs to. So work with the process. Relax if you need to, sleep if you need to, and do not be fearful of the physiological changes if you experience them. But of course, if symptoms become severe, then get qualified help. I could not have come this far without the help and support that I receive from these highly qualified people. It is the feeling of being supported on the physical level that can make all the difference to your integration and balancing process.

Receiving Healing and Reiki energies also work wonderfully to help you to process and relax into the process. So, as Archangel Michael did say in his channel for June, now is the time to give support to those who ask, and if you need support, don’t be afraid to ask! This is a process we are all in together and we need to help and support each other.

I feel, too, that as the energy increases later in the month and towards July and August, more people will be feeling the increased energy charges in their bodies. So please read Archangel Michael’s message above about the Blue Star energies, and know that this is a positive evolutiuonary shift designed to bring great blessings once it has been integrated.

And, finally, here is an image of a phenomenon called “blue noctilucent clouds”, in which electric blue clouds are seen in the twilight sky, much like the northern lights:

No one knows for sure what causes this phenomenon. I like to think that we are beginning to see the powerful electric blue light that is creating our New Earth!

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