AA Michael! ~ Earthlog 5th July: The “Vanishing Point” Crop Circle ~ Messages from Archangel Michael


The latest Crop Circle at Avebury was photographed on the 28th June. Unfortunately, the image is copyrighted, do if you want to see it in full size, you can click here at www.cropcircleconnector.com..

I loved this particular circle, because, as anyone who has ever studied art will know, it is based on the “rules” for perspective drawing, which are used to create the illusion of 3D on a flat Surface. It has been called the “Doors of Perception” circle, by some, and another interpretation was that is was a diagram of what was inside the Avebury barrows. Another person called it the “Da Vinci Code” circle because Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” is painted according to this set of 3D perspective rules and has the same look about it.

Well, yes, but I like to see it as a message about where we are in time and space, since it links in with the “Infinity Code” channels that I did with Archangel Michael in June. I think that the second part was published on the 28th of June.

When you create the illusion of 3D with the rules of perspective drawing, you work with the “horizon” and the “vanishing point”. In this case, the “vanishing point” is right in the middle of the image, and the eye is drawn towards that vanishing point by the checker board pattern, and through the square arches.

This seems to me like a clear message that we are approaching the “vanishing point” or the “zero point”, when the illusions of 3D will collapse, and we will move into the perception of Infinity. The Circle Makers are letting us know that we are getting closer, and that we are about to move through the doors of perception into a new reality. We are co-creating that reality.

Here is some information given by Michael about these shifts, from the “Infinity Codes :Part Two” :The Infinity Codes are Holographic information “packets” in the form of light and sound. They are being introduced into your Earth hologram in this period of 2007. They carry information that will enable the Collective Consciousness to make a huge shift in its perception and creation of Reality, for in truth, perception and creation are the same process…..Now, we are going to say, actually, all reality lies within you in the realm of consciousness. It is this Inner Consciousness that creates the Outer Reality. So, whatever is experienced in the Outer World is a projection or creation of your inner reality or consciousness. It is not what you “think”, but what you are! Your essence, your being, which is projected into creation at a given moment.

So, this new circle or hologram is taking us to that point of change and shift! The checker board pattern of the floor seems to represent the old foundation of duality, the “black and white” world of the 3D game, that we are now moving away from. We are living in exciting times and great times, if we can only pereceive and feel the shifts.

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