AA Michael! ~ Earthlog 4th July: The Cosmic Fire and the Kundalini Fire ~ Messages from Archangel Michael


Thank you to all the people who wrote to me yesterday and shared their experiences and symptoms. It does look as though many of you are also going through these changes!

Several people wrote about the burning and heat sensations in their chakras, and experiences of feeling electrical energy through the feet. These experiences relate to the Kundalini energy, and this brings me to the question of the relationship between kundalini energy and the Solar Light Body energy. Many people ask me whether the Ascension process is the same as a Kundalini awakening, and I would have to say no. But I would say that a kundalini experience will be part of the ascension process as the body awakens and realigns energy.

A kundalini awakening is what constitutes the traditional yogic experience of enlightenment. It involves your own personal kundalini energy. This energy lies “coiled” like a serpent in the base chakra, and when it is awakened it “rises” up the spine and blows open the chakras. Usually this is accompanied by extreme heat and the feelings of shaking and tremors or vibrations. It also has beneficial effects on the human body, since the chakras are all clear and the body can receive a clear flow of higher energy.

The Cosmic Fire that activates the Solar Light Body is a very different kind of energy, it comes down to you from the higher dimensions and activates the pineal gland. The waves of energy that are felt are transmitted from the pineal gland to the pituitary and then to the rest of the body. There is a very definite feeling of electrical waves moving down the body. For me, there was no heat associated with this process.

You can read more about this process in my earlier articles about the “Crystalline Body”, which does discuss the role of the Pineal gland in these physical changes.You can click here to read Part One and Part Two.

I did experience the kundalini awakening in 2001/2. This was what I called the milder electrical experience in the previous post. I felt it first as a whirring or rumbling in the base chakra, and then the electrical symptoms followed and there was a significant awakening and many changes. I started to channel after this experience. The Light Body activation in 2006 was much more powerful, and I am still working with the nature of the shifts and changes created by that experience, as are most of us.

This brings me to another topic, or a related topic, and that is animals and ascension. Yes, animals are also doing ascension and going through their own processes. Those of you who live with dogs or cats will know exactly what I mean. These beings are also changing and becoming enlightened and empowered in their own ways. They are feelings the effects and the benefits of the process.

One of the things that needs to happen soon is for there to be a program of education so that people begin to understand that animals are also sentient beings with a Divine Consciousness. We need to begin to educate people on how to live with the other species on the planet as awakened and enlightened beings, and to treat them with love and respect for what they are. My guidance tells me that many people are being prepared for this work right now.

And, one last thing about the changes. It has been a very cold winter here, yet the “climate changes” associated with warming persist. The squirrels in my garden, who should be hibernating, are not. They are active and running around the garden, eating all my carefully planted spring bulbs. My willow tree, which is normally quite bare of leaves after the winter storms, still has green leaves, although they are a bit bedraggled. But usually at this time I start looking for the new buds for spring. And my roses are flowering. In the middle of winter, I just picked a beautiful rose for a vase! Obviously, the energy is rising and flowing in all these beings as well.

Finally, one more, I think that many of us are suffering a little from what I would call “Ascension shock”. The changes have been enormous for many of us, and it has been traumatic, lets face it. Most of us who are Lightworkers had traumatic early lives. We then had to reprise them as part of our healing process, and go through physical changes that often seemed like some weird disease that we were not sure whether we were going to survive. So, as we near the completion of the process, we are exhausted and feeling very vulnerable, and I think its ok to say so. For me, the ascension process has been characterised by the two “l”s, and I don’t mean love and light. I mean loss and loneliness. Before I started ascension I was a highly sociable person and my home was always filled with family, friends and clients. Then, as the process got under way, all the repressions that I had put in place to achieve this were released, and the marriage went, and then the family and friends. Followed by a long period of aloneness in order to deal with the changes and adjustments. I did try recently, to revive my former dinner party career. The first time the people arrived two hours late. The second time they didnt come at all. I think Spirit was trying to show me that my days as the perfect hostess were now over. I took the food the next day to the children at my “Children of Africa” project, and they all enjoyed it! So, the focus of life has definitely changed and shifted.

I look forward to the time when this all settles and we can truly enjoy the rewards of the processes that we have chosen to work through, as pioneers and wayshowers for others.

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