AA Michael! ~ The Energies For August 2005 ~ Messages from Archangel Michael


Dearest Lightworkers, this month the intense and radiant energy from the Galactic center continues to enter the Earth’s Crystal grid System through the Sirius stargate. This will peak between the 8th and the 13th of August, and then the Gate will begin to close. The energy will continue at a high level, until the Full Moon on the 19th August. So, the period between the New Moon on the 5th of August and the Full Moon on the 19th of August will be a time when you will open to new opportunities to be creative and to manifest your dreams. But you will also be challenged to hold your Inner Balance in this turbulent time of transition and change.

The 8:8 Harmonic and Moving to Higher Levels of the Collective Consciousness on Planet Earth

Dearest Ones, this is a time when the Planet and its inhabitants are given the opportunity to accelerate their evolution through shifting to a higher level of consciousness. In this cycle between the 5th and the 19th, you will all be given the choice to shift to new levels of adventure and exploration in your conscious growth.

This can be done on an individual basis, but also collectively if the Human Collective Consciousness can lift into the accelerated energy. However, if events are manipulated so that global negativity and negative emotions can be aroused, then this shift can be slowed or blocked. This has been the purpose of much of the sad and tragic loss of life on key days in July related to the opening of the Stargate and its energy. (July 7th and 21st).

So, dearest ones, it is even more important that you hold your energy and remember who you are. You are here to hold the frequency for continued evolution to Higher Levels of Consciousness. This means focusing on Love and Peace and the belief in the Oneness of the Human Family.

Soulmates and the Initiation of Relationship

In this month, the sun will be in Passionate and Fiery Leo until the 23rd. Mars is in Taurus, and Venus moves into Libra, both houses ruled by Venus, the planet of Love, Harmony, Beauty and Marriage or Union. But, Saturn is also present, at 2 degrees of Leo, meaning that there are deep transformations and learning to be experienced by Earth’s people as well.

So, dearest ones, in this next Saturn cycle of two years, and beginning at this time, many of you have chosen to undergo the Initiation of the Soulmate Union or Relationship. This is the Highest form of Soul Bond possible to a Human when it is transmuted into the “Twin Flame” state. It is a privilege, and the work of Conscious and Awakened beings. But, it is also a powerful initiation that requires Courage, Discipline, Balance and the absolute ability to practice Acceptance and Unconditional Love.

There will be many of you who will step forward to take this initiation at this time. It will not be easy, but your courage and the guidance from the Higher Dimensions will mean that those who do succeed will create patterns and pathways to make this easier for others.

The Sirius “Sapphire Crystal Aura” and the “Royal” Sapphire Children

As you lift into the radiant Christ Consciousness energies of the Sirius Light, you have reached a point where certain individuals on the Planet are able to integrate the beautiful Sapphire Blue Ray that emanates from Sirius. This Sapphire Crystal Aura is seen together with radiant stars of Diamond Light.

In ancient Egypt, this advanced Auric configuration was held by the Pharaoh and his family, and its code names were “the Blue Nile” and “the White Nile” These represented the Fifth Dimension (blue) and the Ninth Dimension (white). It was the function of the Royal family and especially the Pharaoh, to hold the balance between these two levels in order to ensure abundance, prosperity and peaceful balance in Egypt.

At this point, many of you will take on the Sapphire and Diamond energies as you hold the Fifth and Ninth Dimensional energies in order to bring abundance, prosperity and peace back to the Planet. This is a great privilege that is extended to you at this time.

But, what is equally exciting, is that many of the Crystal Children born in 2005 will carry the “Royal” Sapphire and Diamond energy in their auric fields! These powerful children will be energetically “tuned” to the Highest levels of the Christ Consciousness vibration from Sirius. They will have a deep and powerful love for the planet, and a special affinity for the Oceans and the Cetaceans – the Whales and Dolphins – who are also Sirian Starseeds. These children will naturally hold the Fifth and Ninth Dimensions in balance through their auric fields, and in so doing will help to create ecological stability and abundance on the planet.

The Sapphire children are the “Royal” children of the Planet. They will be serving the same function as the Pharaohs of the past. But, they will be your children……and they will teach you that you are all Royalty. You are Powerful and Wonderful Beings of Light and Love. Each one of you has the ability to move to this level at this time!

This is the gift of the Lion’s Gate in 2005.

You are blessed!

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