AA Michael! ~ The Lion’s Gate 2005 ~ Messages from Archangel Michael


At this time of the Lion’s Gate, and the influx of High Level Energy through the Sirius Stargate, many of you will come to realize that it is only your own illusions that hold you back from experiencing the Love and the Joy of New Earth now.

The last “veil” that keeps many people from understanding their true essence as a Being of Light in human form and their power as a Creator, is the “Veil of Illusion”. These are the beliefs and ideas that have been taken on by humans over time, that serve to limit and confine and disempower. There are those among you on the Planet who seek to manipulate humanity through the creation and manipulation of illusions. As you awaken to your true nature, you will become aware of how many of you give your power away to such illusions that perpetuate disempowerment and fear.

The Veil of Illusions

Let us consider, dearest Lightworkers, the nature of an illusion. It is something that appears to be “real” or “truth”, but yet is not so. It is a clever creation that is designed to lead people into believing something that has no truth or reality.

Most of your present day control systems work on the power of the Veil of Illusions. For humans who are not awake and aware can be controlled through fear and anxiety. Survival fears create great anxiety in humans, and unless you are in touch with your Higher Aspect – and the truth that you are always safe and protected if that is what you desire to create – then you can be manipulated and “misled” by those who create illusions for their own power and gain.

One of the most powerful illusions on the Planet, and one that has been fostered for thousands of years, is that of duality and conflict. That war and struggle are an “inevitable” part of the “human condition”. This is not so! The truth is that the majority of humans seek to live in peace and harmony. It is the deepest need and urge of all on the planet. Yet those who seek control have always manipulated humans by playing on survival fears and whipping up emotions and angers, and creating wars based on false beliefs and fears. And never has this been easier than in an age when so many humans believe everything they “see” or “hear” in the mass media. Truly, dearest ones, you are learning fast to understand the nature of the Veil of Illusions!

Another powerful belief that leads to illusions is the belief that a “saviour” will come to change everything. This too is an illusion of duality, for it supposes that you are disempowered and require a being or beings of greater power to rescue you and save you from yourselves. Dearest ones, powerful teachers come and go, and they help to raise consciousness, but it is up to you as a Family or Collective, to create the changes you wish to see. That is why you are here. That is why the Indigo and Crystal Children have incarnated on your planet. Together you will create the changes! Dearest Ones, do not give your power away to those who offer the illusions that it will be done by someone else with more power. You have the power! Break through the illusion of limitation and take your power. As a Collective You will Create the New Earth. But only once you have broken through these disempowering illusions.

The Truth: Beyond Illusions

The truth is that we in the Higher Dimensions have watched patiently as humans have explored duality and control and given away their power as part of their evolution. We have waited patiently until you were ready to accept the inevitable truth of who you are and to release the illusions and fears that have kept you limited and disempowered.

For, in truth, you are Eternal and Infinite Beings of Light who take Material Form in order to explore the material dimensions and create within them. You are part of the One Family of Light, and you all seek to grow and evolve in the best way possible.

Maybe you considered duality and disempowerment a way to grow – but we think that you are now ready to release the limitations and conflicts and return to the consciousness of Unity and Oneness and Love. Accepting that you are Children of One Planet, and that you all seek the same goals of peace, security, and growth, will enable you to begin to pierce the veil of inherited illusions and find the Unity and the Oneness and the Love.

Taking on a state of Consciousness where you acknowledge that you are Powerful and Creative and a part of the Divine Essence of All That Is, is known as “Christ Consciousness”. The promised “Second Coming of Christ” comes to you when each of you awakens to Who You Are. You carry the seed of the Christ consciousness within you, and when you awaken it opens like a Golden Flower of Love. The truth is that You are the Christed Ones, or the Crystal Ones. That is the message that your New Children, the Crystal or Christed Children bring to you. You are Homo Christos……the new Humans who will create the New Earth. That is the Truth of Who You Are when you Awaken, Dearest Ones. Let your children lead you into this reality, for in truth it requires the deep innocence of the child to awaken to this wonderful perspective of who you are. You have no need to give your power away to those who make claims that they have the Christ energy, for indeed it is the right of each one of you to claim the “Christ Consciousness” at this time of the Lion’s Gate.

Unity and Diversity: the Ultimate Paradox

As you embrace the truth that you are Empowered Beings of Light who can release yourselves from manipulation and control and create the Planetary home you desire, you will also embrace the truth of your Diversity and Complexity.

The Planet is filled with humans who are unique individuals, as unique as their fingerprints and as diverse and beautiful in ther own way as snowflakes. When you release the limiting habits of duality, which create comparison and judgment, you will begin to celebrate and enjoy the diversity of the Human Family. And from that celebration will come mutual respect and tolerance and the desire to explore each other. Not through conflict and fear and struggle, but through Love and Sharing.

You will EMPOWER yourselves when you understand that every individual on the planet is worthy of Respect and Love. When every individual on the Planet feels they are loved and respected and part of a larger family, then you will have released the veil of illusions that has been cultivated and held in place for so long.

The gift of the Lion’s Gate is that many of you will pierce the Veil of Illusions at this time. You will hold the energy of Love, of Family, of Sharing, so that every human on the planet may have the opportunity of entering into the Truth and finally moving through the Veil of Illusions. Anything or Anyone that asks you to give your power away is not from LOVE and is a part of the Veil of Illusion.

The truth is that you are Empowered Beings of Light and Love. Powerful Creators who can manifest whatever dreams you choose, Individually and as a Collective, with the support of Spirit and your Higher Aspect. Let these be Dreams of Peace and Love and Joy. Do not allow the energy of the Lion’s Gate to be diverted into fear by those who seek to control. Let your creations of Love and Peace be stronger, lifted into manifestation by the Divine Energy of the Sirius Stargate. For if you focus on Love and Joy at this time, you will indeed create the miracles which are your birthright. You will create New Earth. It is here to be enjoyed right now!

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