AA Michael! ~ The New Year and the New You: Heaven on Earth is Here! ~ Messages from Archangel Michael


At this time many are dealing with life changes, whether they be relationship, work related or changes within your lifestyles, views or expectations. This is all happening as it should and we ask that you have patience and to allow these changes to occur. Do not resist the changes as this will just cause frustration and anger and you will feel out of control. These changes are all a necessary part of your rapid acension to the Lumerian vibration and will bring you more in line with the new energies and your purpose.

All of you came to Earth with specific tasks or puposes to fulfill. Many of you who have been going through the ascension to the New Earth for the past few years have completed your purpose and you have been given the opportunity to stay and create a new purpose that will help you to find love, joy, peace and abundance and to create Heaven on Earth. For many, your new role will be as support and as an example to others. Your purpose will be to create and live your life from a place of Divine Love. In doing this you will help many others to make the necessary changes to accelerate their ascension to the New Earth vibration. Your contracts have been rewritten and reworked and it is time to let go of the old to allow space for the new.

Trust and have faith as the new will hold only love, abundance and happiness. Yes, we understand your fears and concerns regarding releasing and letting go of a way of life that has become comfortable because you “know” how to live this life. But you are being offered Heaven and how can you refuse? We understand that you have been taught to fear change and to resist it, but change is always present in every day and in every way. We urge you again to ask for assistance, ask for strength and courage to follow your heart. Ask and it will be granted as we are here to help and to guide you from darkness to light.

You have come so very far in such a short space of time. You have accomplished something that has never before been done and we applaud you and urge you to step up to your new paths and to walk them with confidance knowing that we walk beside you. Know too that the journey is easier and your travelling filled with only love and light.

As more and more of you awaken to your new paths and take up your new roles the easier it will become to work with the new energy. At present there are so few who are carrying this energy and light that it is heavy and you are exhausted. We know that on many levels you are tired, but you are so close to Heaven that just a few more steps will lead you into a wonderful and beautiful new existance.

Have you seen the excitement and joy that radiates out from your children and the children around you? See life from a child’s view. Look for the excitement and adventure of every new day and every new experience. Become a child filled with wonder and amazement at all that you see and all that you experience.

This life is an adventure, this life is an experience meant to be savoured and enjoyed. Fill you heart with love and allow the child within to find it’s way. Let the children guide you and show you the way to create a world filled with wonder and innocence. These beautiful children have come to lead the way and to show you how to live a different life, one built not on fear, war and destruction, but a life filled with love.

Yes you are tired, yes you have worked so hard and now it is time to allow the child within to come out and play! You are all children of the Universe and you will find the innocence, joy and exitement that you once felt. Welcome the child within home!

You have accomplished something so wonderful that it is difficult to describe in words and now it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labours and to allow yourself to enjoy your New World and your new lives. Come and play, come and celebrate with us, for we are celebrating your accomplishments on all levels throughout the Universe. Your dreams, hopes and wishes are manifesting around you all the time, sit up and notice. Do not allow your fears to control you, follow your heart and the happiness and love that you discover will surpass any fears you think you have.

Come and play Human Angels. The Universe is your playground and the New Earth your Home!

Only love and blessings

AA Michael

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