AA Michael! ~ Erthlog: the Failure of the “American Dream” ~ Messages from Archangel Michael


Well, this is probably going to be a controversial topic, but I am going to address it anyway. It fits in with the ideas of the new dream, and the disintegration of the old dreams.

What motivated this, is that I have been deeply disturbed by several people who have written to me from the USA, and the letters all express the same topic. They are Lightworkers, but they are exhausted and without money. They have lost their homes, and they do not know where to go and what to do. They express the desire to leave the planet, since they feel there is no place for them. They write to me and Archangel Michael in the hope that I will be able to give them some last hope.

Well, I could ask them why they have created that reality for themselves. I could ask them why they don’t manifest a better reality. I could tell them to find a workshop. I could make it their problem. But in effect, it is not their problem. It is “Our” problem. The ability to manifest requires a fair amount of focus and intention. When you are exhausted from the struggle to survive, you just don’t have that energy. That is where your community is supposed to provide a safety net, to catch those who fall and to hold them. But, in the modern version of the “American Dream”, everyone is so busy manifesting their idea of material abundance and grabbing what they can and holding onto it, that they cannot even see those who fall around them.

And so it is, that we …We…all of us….have to change. We cannot go on allowing people to fall because we don’t care. We have to learn to care and find ways to care.

I know what it feels like to be in that situation where you are alone and you have absolutely nothing and no-one. I was lucky, someone did help me. It was an American, in fact. He helped me to get back on my feet and empower myself to earn a living again.

I felt supported by Spirit, but I had to do the work myself. I had to find the energy to get going again.

This is what these people need, someone the reach our and help them in a material way when they are exhausted and they fall down. And to make them feel that they will be supported as they take these steps

I remember in 2006, I did a workshop with a group of people. There were about six of them, and one day we had to walk to the beach as a group. One of the participants had MS and could not walk fast. I walked with her, and the rest of the group just wandered off, making sure they got to the beach and were there, but with no concern for how others got there. I was angry at the time, and told them that if they were a “tribe” and had lived a thousand years ago, they would probably all have been eaten by wild animals, because no one was interested in what happened to the other members of the group, as long as they got to where they needed to be. Learning to care for the welfare of others on the journey is part of the journey. Arriving at the destination all on your own is quite meaningless. As so many are discovering.

So, I can write to these people who wrote me the desperate letters, with some words, I can tell them to trust, I can tell them all the things I know and they know. But, I keep seeing in my mind an image from the Rainbow warrior video that I connected you to yesterday. The Rainbow Warrior puts trust in actions, not in words.

What can I do? What can any of us do? That is the biggest challenge facing us as members of our Lightworker family, in the USA, feel the failure of the American Dream.

They are asking us for the New Dream….and to make it real so that they can join us on the road to the future.

It has to be a global dream, so that we, as Human Angels and members of the Human Family, can all live in Light and Joy, not just those of us who have the energy to manifest what we need for ourselves alone.

I can only ask all of you who live in the USA at this time, to keep your fellow citizens in your hearts and minds. Pray for them and do what you can for those who are feeling this pain right now. It is not their “fault”. It is the failure of the old dream, and it is the time for us to find a new dream. A Dream where a “Community of Light” can be the safety net that catches and supports those who are too exhausted to go on alone.