AA Michael! ~ Earthlog of 6th June: Integrating the Solar Light Body and Working on the New Grids ~ Messages from Archangel Michael


Many people wrote to me about the posts that I did on my own experiences of the Solar Light Body integration process. Most of you agreed with how difficult the process had been, and some even stated they they could not see anything different in their lives despite the process. So, here is an extract from a channel I did for a young man yesterday. Archangel Michael talks about the changes and how we experience them. What I find interesting is that the symptoms that we feel are in the Lightbody rather than the physical. This is why, quite often, a person experiencing the symptoms will go to a doctor who will find nothing wrong with the physical body. As the physical integrates with the Light Body, one feels the symptoms as if they were physical, but in fact they are electrical or “light” experiences being felt through the physical system as the integration takes place.

Here is the extract:

“As you become more sensitive, you will indeed feel and experience your Lightbody almost as much as your physical body, and indeed, at times you will not be able to tell which is which, for they will indeed become one and the same! You will become your Lightbody. What does that mean? It means that you will become a being of Light while still in physical form, and you will live a life of “electric light” like an angel. You will be able to exercise the gifts and talents of an angel, while also being a human. What are those, you might ask? Ah well, dearest soul, have you never wanted to fly……to do wonderful and miraculous things…indeed you will when you learn how to activate the angel within, or the angel who you are becoming.

For many people pass through Ascension and activate their Solar Light body, and the say, well, now what. What is different, for nothing appears different. Dearest one, we laugh, for you have no idea how different you are. You have just not yet learnt how to unfurl your wings and fly. You are still not even aware that you have wings and that you can fly……now we do not mean literally, but we mean that you have wonderful gifts and talents that you are only now beginning to understand. Try to understand how you would feel if you were taken from the 18th century and dropped into a modern city. You would not know what to do. You would not know how to use a telephone or a computer or drive a car. So it is now. You have been dropped into the future, and you are still trying to discover how things are done in this new place. We would say, you do not need a telephone or a computer or even a car….you need only your consciousness and the skill or understanding how to create and communicate on the geometric grids. For that is how things are done in the future that is now….”

Now, here is something about creating on the new grids. My artist friend, Christina Bryer, sent me this lovely image yesterday. She is a gifted artist working with Sacred Geometries, and she calls this “A Section through 5th Dimensional Hyperspace”.

This is what the geometric grids of consciousness look like on the deep sub-atomic levels. This is where the changes are taking place. This is where consciousness creates and manifests on the level of shapes, sounds, tones, geometries and desires. This is the “new reality”, a graceful grid that pulses and changes constantly as we pulse and change in harmony with the Great Cosmic pulse of the One Heart.

Learning to work as a Human Angel is learning to manifest and work with these energies, and to manifest and create from this grid of cosmic light.

And, speaking of new realities, I had a mail from a memnber of the German Starchild family, to say that she had been told that today was the “new reality”. I have a sense of that too. It just feels different. Somehow a little lighter, maybe. Also, the weather is strange. The last few days have been like summer, although it is midwinter. I nearly put my airconditioner on last night!