AA Michael! ~ Earthlog of 25th July: Through the Lion’s Gate…Allow the Miracles ~ Messages from Archangel Michael


As we pass through the opening of the Lion’s Gate for 2007, we can certainly say that the energies are chaotic and tumultuous. The changes are happening very fast around us, and extreme climatic conditions are causing floods, heatwaves, and earthquakes around the planet. It is often too easy to focus on the chaos and the negativity, and not to see that this energy has a loving and creative aspect.

Archangel Michael says to me: “Allow the Miracles…for they will manifest all around you now.” The way that we block the miracles is to focus on the chaos and the negativity, and so use the power to create gloom and doom. I think we have progressed far enough with our awakening to realize that life is transitory and that change is what creates new life. Holding on to the past prevents us from enjoying that change. Just know that whatever doors close now, and whatever support systems are removed now, these will be replaced by something far better and more in line with who you are now.

This beautiful image was created by Simone Wolfe of Germany, and expresses for me the powerful Cosmic energies of the Lion’s Gate as we move into our renewal and rebirthing time:


So, as we allow the miracles, we will begin to see the sparkling playful essence of light all around us. We will learn to release the control of the ego mind, and to just flow with the light, knowing that what is unfolding is for the highest good and that we can celebrate the Light and the Love and the Joy that flows around us with Gratitude. When we move through the gate with these feelings, we do indeed allow and encourage the manifestation of miracles all around us. Don’t seek to control what happens, and don’t seek to hold on to the past. Allow the flow of the new to enter it and enjoy the miracles that come as you create them with Spirit.

I would like to say thank you for my own personal miracle at this time…all the wonderful and loving people that wrote to me about the passing of my beloved dog, Julie. I was astonished at the wave of love that enfolded me at this time, as so many of you wrote such beautiful and comforting letters. I read them all, and I cried at the love that came through from all of you. Thank you so much, blessed angels of light. I see this as Julie’s last gift of love to me, and I am happy that she moved into the Light at this powerful time of the Lion’s Gate. I know that she will ride the flow to her new life and her new work, leaving me with the wonderful memories of a bright love. I know she is chasing birds in the fields of light. She loved chasing birds. Not that she ever caught one, she was far too gentle for that. But she had a naughty sense of humor and fun, and she would look at me as if to say, “well, I got them moving, didn’t I?”.

So, at this powerful time, I wish you all Love and Blessings and the manifestation of your own powerful miracles.