AA Michael! ~ It is time to begin anew. Are you ready ? ~ Messages from Archangel Michael


Beloved masters, from this moment forward we ask you to integrate this important concept as your truth. Know without a doubt, that every thought you have, every action you take affects everyone else in the world. You are not an island unto yourself. You are not isolated. You are not alone. You never have been and you never will be. As your power and influence grow as skillful masters of cocreation, your emotional and intellectual boundaries expand also. Feel the rippling effect of your vibrational patterns as they go forth and connect with like vibrations around the world. What kind of frequencies, thought forms and levels of consciousness do you want to send out into the world to be integrated into the life stream of mass consciousness. Think about that. It is time to reclaim your magnificence. It is time to let go of all the fear, guilt and self-limiting excuses. You have practiced limitation long enough. It is time to experience “the real you,” and to demonstrate what you are capable of achieving on the earthly plane of existence. What is stopping you from reclaiming the Divine gifts that are yours? Together, as the vanguard, let us assist you in moving forward at a faster pace with bold determination. As you assert and display your self-mastery, you will smooth the way so that those following behind you may gain the knowledge necessary to traverse the path of initiation and ascension.

You are the Star Seed. You are the wayshowers. You are the ones who came to Earth to guarantee the success of this Grand Experiment. Those of you who resonate to these messages are not earthlings. You became conscious of Self, a facet of the Supreme Creator, at a universal or possibly even at an omniversal level. We have spoken of this before, but it is important that you are aware, that the Legions of Light presently embodied on Earth are composed of Divine Beings from the far reaches of the Omniverse, Great Beings who agreed to send forth facets of themselves down into the lower dimension so they could experience the wondrous gift of total free will while fulfilling a mandate from the Creator. You, as these Sparks of Divinity, came forth with greatly diminished capacities; however, you have always had a lifeline from and back to your Source, a lifeline that can never be severed which is growing stronger and more empowering as you turn inward and accelerate the process of reclaiming all the facets of your God Self.

This is an opportunity that has not been presented to humanity since you sank into the density, and by that we mean, since the veil of forgetfulness began to shield your memory. You slowly forgot why you came to Earth, what your mission was, where you are from, and the vastness of who you truly are. You stored much of your wisdom in light packets within the higher vibrational levels of your brain for that time when you would, once again, awaken and reclaim your right to access the history of your origins and the wisdom of the cosmos.

Beloveds, you must be daring and you must be bold, and you must step out of your comfort zone. You must be willing to experience a little discomfort, but not as much as in the past, for it is time to ask for and claim ease and grace. You do not have to suffer and your daily existence does not have to be as difficult as in the past. Let go of all the baggage you have been carrying forward lifetime after lifetime. This is the lifetime whereby you can wipe the slate clean and begin anew. It is time to restructure and upgrade your beliefs. It is time to glean through your vast storehouse of past experiences and to integrate and claim as your truth the positive knowledge and the wisdom from your many lives on the Earth plane. It is time to free yourselves from self-inflicted bondage.

Many aeons ago, you were called together from the far reaches of this universe. You came together in large groups and each group was given very specific assignments. You were told that you would consciously forget, but your Divine mission and all its sub-assignments would be imprinted etherically as a Divine blueprint within your Sacred Heart. You would experience great diversity and many wondrous worlds, and there would be many more divisions into smaller and smaller fragments of Self. We placed within your Sacred Heart glowing seeds of love and memories of our Divine connection, one with another. There were time triggers placed within this blueprint, set to resonate deep within and trigger a Divine discontent nudging you to answer the call to “Awaken” once more. A theme would begin to play within the consciousness of those who listened, “It is time to awaken. It is time to turn inward. It is time to be lifted up and to begin the journey home.”

Millions upon millions of dear souls are awakening as that inner time clock begins to vibrate frequencies of awakening. It is saying, “IT IS TIME. ARE YOU READY?” It is time for you, the children, the Sparks of Light, the SUNS/sons and daughters of our Father/Mother God, to awaken. It is time to return to your true estate as beloved emissaries of Light of the highest order. It is time to remember, you are already connected to and have access to anything you could ever desire. What are you waiting for?

The Divine discontent of cosmic change is now rampant in the world today. The reality of the third- and fourth-dimensional illusion is slowly fading away and being replaced with a desire for unity, harmony and equality for all. Many dear souls are finding they no longer have much in common with their physical families and their life-long friends, and no longer enjoy many of the traditional events and gatherings of the past. As you come together in soul groups, you often feel a sense of great peace and concord, a feeling of reunion, and it is so. You are reconnecting with your soul groups and task companions, and as you join together in your special pyramids of Light, you are drawing forth the complex geometric patterns of Creation as you ignite and reaffirm the agreements you made one with another so very long ago. You are an integral part of many such groups, and as time accelerates you will come together in larger and more dynamic forces of Light, and your impact will be felt around the world and out into the cosmos. We know that these are extremely unsettling times for you, my brave ones. Your reality is shifting and changing moment by moment. We are aware that you, the warriors of Light, are experiencing many unusual and disturbing physical, mental and emotional symptoms. It is sometimes difficult to stay centered and to focus on the power of the moment when it often seems as though your world is turning upside down. Feelings of uncertainty and fear of the future are roiling up from deep within and your dreams are sometimes disturbing and leave you frustrated and anxious. As your Spirit self once more takes dominion within your physical vessel, you become aware of anything that is not in harmony with the higher frequencies of Light which are filtering into the deepest, most intimate facets of your Being. Deep core issues from your ancient past are surfacing to be transmuted and brought into balance, once and for all time. You are learning to function as multi-dimensional Beings, and as you tap into the frequencies of the higher dimensions and integrate them internally, it initiates a vibrational and chemical action within your physical vessel which can be uncomfortable. It will take time to become accustomed to the changes that are taking place within and around you.

Many of the symptoms you are experiencing are a result of the accelerated transformational process you are in the midst of. There is a plethora of information and guidance regarding health and diet practices as you move through the shifting of the ages, and it behooves you to adopt those changes and practices that resonate with your inner truth. However, an important thought we would like to impart to you is that you, your Higher Self and your angelic guides/helpers know what is best for you. It is time to turn inward, beloveds, in order to receive the guidance and assistance that is most appropriate for you. The longer you look outside yourselves for answers and validation, the longer it will take to connect with your own Divine source of wisdom. Each of you is capable of getting your own answers, with the assistance of your Body Elemental, your Higher Self, your guides and teachers. To assist you to reestablish a pure, strong connection with your Higher Self, your spiritual guides, angelic helpers and with those you wish to work with in the higher realms, we offer this exercise:

Focus your consciousness within your heart center as you take a few deep breaths. Move swiftly into the temple of your Sacred Heart. Envision (however you perceive) your Essence being lifted up the spinal column and out of the crown chakra. You move quickly up your column of Light into a new, personal pyramid of Light which has been especially designed as a meeting place for you, your helpers and companions of the higher realms. Move into this sacred space and lie on the crystal table. As you do so, look around the room and see seated in the crystal chairs surrounding the table all those whom you wish to commune and work with. Take a moment to identify who is with you in your pyramid. As with all other pyramids of Light in the higher dimensions, there is a double-terminated pure quartz crystal hanging down from the peak of the pyramid over the crystal table in the center. The electrifying lightening sparks are radiating forth from the giant crystal out into the room. This is the rarified Essence of the Supreme Creator and our Father/Mother God. There is a fountain under the table with a blazing Violet Flame pouring forth out into the room which will transmute any discordant energies you bring to this place to be released and purified. Ask the questions that are foremost in your mind. Ask for clear answers and solutions for your health problems and stressful life situations. Ask to be directed to the person/s or information which will assist you in achieving balance and harmony within your physical vessel, with emotional issues or to achieve mental clarity and focus. Always ask for your highest good and the greatest outcome for all. Come to this sacred place often to strengthen your connections and rapport with your Family of Light.


Remember, beloveds, you were not designed to grow old and suffer through a painful death process. In your ancient experiences on Earth, before you sank into the lower densities, there was no death as is now experienced by humans When it was time to transcend into the higher realms, you stepped into an enormous fountain where the Violet Flame was blazing forth, and you were immediately transported into the appropriate dimension where you would review your lifetime on Earth. There was a time of study and learning, and then came the time to prepare for your next earthly sojourn. Your passing from Earth and being born on Earth was never meant to be the painful experience it has become. It is time to reestablish those times when the passage to and from Earth were accomplished with ease and grace. It was like stepping through a doorway into a new realm of experience. You released old garments of flesh from your crystalline body or donned new ones in preparation for your next grand adventure.

Beloveds, we give you our assurance, if it is your desire, that you may join the great Legions of Light who will go forth together to participate in the creation of the wondrous new Golden Galaxy which is in what could be called the “grand design stage.” When you transcend, you will be taken to a star system of great beauty and tranquility, and there you will join with your soul companions and the Great Beings from all over the universe whose desire it is to participate in this next exciting evolutionary leap in Creator-consciousness. This Golden Galaxy will be the new showcase of this universe. You, and those like you, who have experienced the depths of density and duality will have an opportunity to experience the “Lightness” and beauty of your true spiritual nature as you go forth as “seasoned, tried and true cocreators” with a new Divine mission encoded within your Sacred Heart.

We honor you for your bravery. We salute you for staying the course for these many aeons of time. Know that we are ever near, watching over you, assisting you, and sending you waves of love and encouragement from our Father/Mother God.

I AM Archangel Michael.


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