AA Michael! ~ The Return of the “Shining Ones”: Creating the Ninth Dimensional “Field of Gold” on Earth ~ Messages from Archangel Michael


There is a truly wonderous miracle unfolding among you right now. Those of you who have held your light through the many difficult steps of the transition, are now preparing to become “Shining Ones” on the Earth.

At this point many of you who are now Crystal or “Christed” adults are activating a vortex of Gold light in your Eighth Chakras. This vortex emanates from the Gold Ray. It is visible to psychic vision as a pulsating gold light in the person’s auric field.

This vortex is already active in many of you, but can only begin to expand once you have made the transition into Holographic time. From this point of stability and multi-dimensional access you can spin this gold field out until it encompasses the entire planet. It is a Golden Field of planetary consciousness and light held by human beings in their new roles as human angels.

As you radiate out this gold light, it connects with and blends with the gold light being radiated by other Crystal beings. This forms a unified field of Ninth Dimensional (Christ Consciousness) golden light that provides the Creation Matrix for the New Earth.

So – as those of you who are ready move into your next phase of unfoldment as “Shining Ones” or creators of the Golden Field, celebrate the great and miraculous shift that is happening now in your Multi-Dimensional Reality