AA Michael! ~ The April Transition and Moving into Holographic Time ~ Messages from Archangel Michael


April will be a month in which you will be asked to clearly make your choice. Are you moving into higher consciousness, or are you staying in your old energy?

The month of April will provide a shift or “turning point” in the current energy cycle. Events will unfold in such a way that every human on the planet will be asked to make their choice.

Moving into higher consciousness is equivalent to making a commitment to be part of the rebirthing and renewal process of the planet. To use your energy to be a conscious “parent” of the New Earth. Those who accept this role will “ascend” into the new energy and will help to co-create the New Earth. Those who refuse will spin down into more and more chaos and anger as the old forms disintegrate and dissolve into nothing.

Those who choose the ascension path to higher consciousness will move into Holographic Time. From April – linear time will cease to have any real meaning, except as a point of reference for some.

Holographic time is the place where living and creating in the NOW moment becomes more important and more real than anything in the past or future.

Now is the point of power where and when you will create a new Earth by the choicesthat you make.

Be assured, dear ones, that choice is the most powerful creative tool that you possess. Keep choosing – and choosing again and again. And align all your choices with that higher reality that you seek to manifest.

This will define how you live – every single life choice will be made in a fully conscious way and for the highest good of all life forms on the planet, as far as it is possible for you.

Live from your hearts – and live in the assurance that in Holographic Time you will find the “blueprint” for abundance and joy. It is yours to choose to manifest that blueprint on the Earth – today. For you are the creator gods!

After April you will find yourselves drawn more and more to your soul families and resonant soul groups. The purpose will be to co-create the New Earth, together. There will be much work to do – but you chose this path before you came to the planet. This is what many of you were born for – now the energies are shifting, “turning a corner”, so that you may now begin to create.

Remember your power as a creator – and the power of choice!