AA Michael! ~ Moving to the Seventh Level ~ Messages from Archangel Michael


This message comes to you, beloved ones, on the eve of the April Full Moon. It is to connect with all those dearly beloved Indigo-Crystal beings who are pioneers in bringing in the new Earth. Those of you who are ready, and that is most of you, are now shifting to the Seventh Level of Consciousness. Or as some know it, the Seventh Dimension.

This is a great achievement, and we in the Angelic realm once again congratulate you on your work as you follow the inner path and manifest your light.

At this level, you have integrated your Magical or Christed Child into your being, and are ready to move into the place of the “bodhisattva” or awakened being who serves the planet from that awakened and loving place.

Many of you who have wondered “What is my Mission?” – will now suddenly find that question being answered. In the next few months doors will open and new opportunities arise, as the Indigo Crystals begin to move into an awareness of how they will serve in the new energy.

At this time you will be clearing Fear – because this level of service has always been difficult for Earth beings. Many who have accepted missions at this level have been executed and persecuted for their work, and the physical body remembers this in the DNA. So you will be working to overcome the physical fear of entering into this new level of service.

This clearing will involve a detoxification of the physical body, as well as emotional detoxification that will involve the Heart Chakra. Many may experience Heart Palpitations at this time, as the fear energy is released through the system and the Heart Chakra of the Collective Consciousness opens to accept this new level of “Oneness”.

Those Beloved Indigo-Crystal Masters of Light who move to this level will be the pioneers in the art of Conscious Co-Creation. They will be active in creating the New Earth. In spinning the Gold Light into a web of wonder that all may experience as the Blessing of the New Energy.


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